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My Hair Restoration Journey




Where do I go? Who will I turst? Is this right for Me?

After reading the testimonials of many, I found my solution with BOSLEY MEDICAL . I went to an initial consultation in my area (Milwaukee, WI) and found the staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I was so pleased with what I learned about the procedure and my possible outcome, that I decided to have a second consultation (at the Chicago,IL site) with one of the BOSLEY MEDICAL surgeons. That’s when I met Dr. William Yates who eventually became my surgeon.

I was impressed by his professionalism and his careful attention to detail about my situation. He helped me understand the hair restoration procedure in more detail and helped to get my expectations of the outcome in line with my level of hair loss. I was confident that he would be the best choice for my procedure.

Never enough for me, I went further to research his credentials and found that he was board certified. Confidence in both my surgeon and the organization complete, I decided to have Dr. Yates be my surgeon for my hair transplant procedure.

Oh My God… I’m really doing this!!!

OK folks…, it is surgery, so I was a little nervous. I must say however that not only Dr. Yates but also all of the staff and technicians quickly helped my jitters subside through their professionalism and ability to answer any final questions I had related to the surgery and eventual after care. During the surgery, I was so comfortable that I didn’t even realize when the donor hair had been taken. An unexpected thing occurred; I asked if I could see how the donor hair is prepared. I was able to look under a microscope to witness how the technicians actually divide the follicles. WOW that was so interesting! I realize that this might not be something that most patients would be interested in but for me it was fascinating!

Well… was the procedure and aftercare uncomfortable

There was certainly some discomfort during the procedure, if you consider a minor pin prick uncomfortable and the aftercare took about a week of careful attention to keeping the scalp clean by following very easy procedures with well written instructions that are part of your homecare kit. The donor area healed quickly and I can’t even find a scar.

My Results?? … Confidence Restored!!!

After several months of “Transplanted Hair Growth”, The result was so natural looking that NO ONE realized I had a procedure. I was so pleased with the results from my initial transplant in 2008 that I decided to have more work done in 2009 to add more volume to my initial transplant. I have such confidence in BOSLEY MEDICAL, and am so pleased with Dr. Yates and all of the transplant technicians that I have suggested to several friends, suffering hair loss, that they use BOSLEY’S services.

For full details on my Hair Restoration Journey, see my Profile (Dsanders1)

Good Luck to all of you!


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