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The Hospital Group and Doctor Pathomvanich



My story began about 5 years ago when i moderately began to recede from my hair line. As i worked as an apprentice in Ireland i began searching the internet for the best deals going for hair restoration between Ireland and England. Here i came across The Hospital Group. I arranged to meet there ''consultant'' in Belfast, north of the border and when i arrived i kopped straight away that this man was nothing more than a middle man or salesman. But i was 26 at the time and after been promised the moon and the stars i wanted to nip this hair problem in the bud and arranged a date for hair transplant. They were doing some special offer of £500 off before a certain date so i believed i was on a winner and went ahead with it.

The day of the operation The Hospital Group arrange a taxi to collect me from Birmingham airport and i was in the lobby for about 20 or so minutes filling out the personal information forms. Once that was completed i met the surgeon in his office, Doctor Westwood. First impression straight off the bat i got that this man was under a lot of pressure and did not have much time on his hands so conversation was very limited. He looked over my hair and marked out the lines and the off i went to waiting room were i was i give a multitude of tablets before the procedure. Then they arrive with all the legal documents to look over and read. I knew it would be the usual insurance, back themselves up stuff if i ever had an issue so i just signed them and was done with it.

The operation itself, were i sat upright throughout the whole procedure was definitely rushed. Doctor Westwood was not there for very long as all he did was cut an outrageously big scar on the back of my head for the harvest area and then punched the holes were the hairs were to be installed. After that the nurses did the rest whom i have to say were pleasant but it did not sit well with me that Doctor Westwood was not there for a lot of the procedure.1300 grafts were installed at a cost of £4000 I found out from the nurses that he had TWO other clients having a hair transplant at the very same time with an hour or 2 difference between the 3. I was incredibly disappointed with this but i thought well it is a business so i just got on with it. Once the procedure was over the transferred back to Birmingham airport, no hat, stables in the back of my head for the world to see and back onto a plane back to Ireland.

3 years later to say im disappointed is a massive understatement, The grafts were way to sparsely planted and i have lost a bit more hair naturally from the front so my hair looks totally unnatural due to the grafts that were planted in the wrong position. I certainly dont go out on windy days, sun light is a problem cause you can see the scalp clear as day and i got a blade 4 cut on the back of my head once and the massive scar was on show to the world. Try explaining that to people. My message is to EVERYONE, Dont go near The Hospital Group.

I am now working in the gold mines as a fitter in Australia and began to read a lot of rave reviews about Doctor Pathomvanich from Bangkok Thailand but i wasn't sure if i wanted to go down that road again. After tonnes and tonnes of research, which was lacking first time round i must admit i decided to throw the dice and go again. From the first email i sent off everything felt right, time and effort went into seen was i decent candidate for a hair transplant and once i booked a date for the surgery i booked a flight over from Perth and stayed at the VIC3 hotel, which is literally only down the road from the Doctor Pathomvanichs offices. I arrived at the office just 3 days ago and everyone right from the receptionist to Doctor Path himself couldnt have been more welcoming. First i did a consultant which lasted an hour or so with various members of Doctor Paths staff and doctor Path himself to decide what was the best option for me for the transplant and once that was decided i signed all the necessaries, took the Valium and painkillers and away we went. Started at 13.00 and finished up at 21.00. I couldnt believe it, i thought i was awake throughout but fell asleep and snored my head off much to the amusement to the nurses haha but they were great, the whole operation went well according to Doctor Path and he totally made feel at ease. In total 2300 grafts were done and it worked out at something like $3.70 Australian Dollar per graft which is an incredible price for a coalition doctor. I know some people will want to see pictures but i am very shy about the whole experience so please forgive me. Im here to pass on my knowledge and hope to help out other people in the future.

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