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FUE-treatment by Dr Eser Ayadogdu Istanbul at Hospital Femmeplast



Dear all,


I want to share with you my experience for doing FUE-treatment (3000-3500 draft) at Dr Eser Ayadogdu in Istanbul.

I have recently also thanked Rob in his blog (2800 FUE by Dr Eser Ayadogdu in Istanbul) for inspiration and searching up Dr Eser.

This is my story that I also published in Robs Blog:

Ps. do not take my timeshedule below in detail. Of course, it took a lot of longer time doing the grafts. I had actually no track in time laying there but in total it was from 10:00 until 17:00 (7 hours for the hole operation.)

Dear Rob,

When I?m writing this (6March 2013) I sitting at my hotelroom in Istanbul the day after FUE-transplant at Dr.Eser Aydogdu.

Just want to let you know your blog became my inspiration for doing the transplant.

Let me take it from beginning if you have the time to read.

It started 10years ago, today I am 36 and it have never went a day without I was thinking at my hairloss in the front of my head as well as on top of it. It only became worse and I nearly could?nt go down a stair without trying to go last so the no other didn?t notice my hairloss.

Maybe stupid but I guess many of you understand and agree.

In the start I was visiting clinics in Stockholm (i live in Sweden by the way) and Malm? but they suggested a method were I had to visit them once every month. And that was in the start so the hair-issue wasn?t that bad at that moment.

But soon It became worse, my girlfriend suggested an implant, if of course, it was bothered me so much. I started to take in offers from Swedish clinics and only on FUE-method. (cutting in my head was not an option).

I received different offers and i needed somewhere between 3000-3500 implants. The cheapest offer in Sweden was €16.000!! Way to much for my budget.

In sweden we have many hairdresser on the streets, expensive and cheaper ones. I started to cut my hair on a cheaper one and became friend with a guy who was from Syria. He went to Istanbul twice per year, partying, eating good fod and was amazed by the city. They offered trip (all inclusive with FUE-Method) for appr. €5500.

But i wanted to go my own way, so I surched the internet and find your blog.


I read the story, took my mobile, called Dr. Eser directly and after a few emails later back and forth, I had an appointment.

Now, we agreed by mail so everything was feeling a bit of a gamble, but I would gladly take that chance, just knowing my charisma and look would be better in the future..

Later that day, we also booked flight Gothenburg – Istanbul directly with Turkish airline. My girlfriend took free from her job so both of us went down for €450, booked a hotel at hotels.com: DoubleTree by Hilton Moda (€450 for 2), VERY nice 5star hotel and for rehabilitation after the surgery and also in a good area in Istanbul as we have noticed.

Now. We had a meeting the day before the surgery at Dr. Esers clinic were we walked through all the needed steps for the day after.

The next day it was going to happen. Took a taxi to the hospital, FemmePlast (i guess they also do a lot of other plastic surgery there for women (Femme= women and plast=yes you know...)

10:00 they shaved my head completely.

10:30 they put in local anesthesia in the back of my head and O MY GOOD THAT HURTS. But what the hell, i guess it must be some pain..

11:00 they started to take hair from the back of my head (3500 of them, pretty much)

I was closing my eyes and I didn?t want to see what type of machine they were using, just hoping for the best as there actually was a very clean and professional hospital with diffent cleaningzones.

12:00 they were finished with step 1, removing.

13:00 after a short break (sandwish and juice) it was time again. Putting more local anasthesia in front of my head. !!! Warning!! This hurt!! But only for a minut and will be better when the anasthesia is starting to work.

17:00 the process ended. During the hole operation it had been 2-5 person the hole time in the room. I recognized the most guys on your photo you published from your surgery… Very good people and after the surgery I had to sit for a while because I was quit dizzy.

Today, the day after, my girlfriend has been buying breakfast, coffee and freshly made orangejuice for me and I am typing on my computer, looking over the wonderful view over Istanbul and thinking, what had my life became if i didn?t find your blog, or if you even didn?t made your blog…


Now it is only to wait for the hair to come!! HALLELUJA!!!

Ps. I Will gladly publish some pictures if wanted..

Thank?s for reading…


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