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Story Age 26. Curly hair. NW3. With Photos




Male 26 with Curly hair

Hair loss started as diffused thinning at age 19 now a NW3

History of hair loss in family on mothers side but not fathers he as full head of hair in his 50's.

Had bad pimples and acne from age 15 to 17 then used the drug Roactutain for 18 months.

(The medical term for Roaccutane is isotretinoin and it is the only known cure for acne. It is essentially a substance that is similar to Vitamin A, but has a very different action. In short, Roaccutane works by reducing the oily substances in your skin, caused by oil

producing glands. In turn, this reduces the amount of bacteria in the skin which is the cause of the inflammation and 'pus' associated with acne.)

At 19 after the course of Roactutain my skin was still incredibly dry and so was my hair, which had gone from curly and thick to thin and straight on top in 18 months.

At 22 i tried Finasteride, after three years of trying different shampoos like nioxin on and off i saw my doctor and he was reluctant to provide me with Propecia 1mg Finasteride.

At 24 after 2 years of daily 1mg Finasteride the shedding had reduced but the density hadn't changed much.

After 2 years of Propecia 1mg Finasteride use i had 3 months of Testicular pain and pain in the root of my dick, then followed about 1 month of Erectile dysfunction with my girlfriend in bed.

Thats when i stopped taking Propecia 1mg Finasteride and got tested by my doc, had scans and results came back all good with no pain after 3 weeks off and fully working after 2 weeks my sexual activity returned.

After stoping Propecia i started using Regain extra strength foam 5% - Daily and after 4 months hair started to become thicker.

At 25 my hair loss had been stabilised for a little over a year.

Recently in the past 9 months I had been working out 4 times / week lifting heavy weights and taking protein supplements daily which contained Creatine and branch amino acids both of which lead to increased testosterone which results in some rapid hair loss in the past 4 months.

After finding this out i have stopped the gym supplements and looking to take action to regain my hair.

Thoughts and comments would be much appreciated.

See my profile for photos.

Current treatment:

Regain extra strength foam 5% - use Daily - for 2 years

Vitamin C 1000mg - use Daily - for 2 years

Health food store tablet – use twice/day - for 2 years – Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) seed 2g –equic. to fatty acids 120mg, Trigonella foenum graecum (testpfen Fenugreek) seed 1.2g, Cysteine Hydrochloride 579mg equiv to Cysteine 400mg, Biotin 1mg

Moroccan oil - use Daily - for 1 year

Hairmax lazer comb proffessional - 3 times / week - for 1 month


- What tests should i ask the doc for before going back on propecia? (based on previous sexual side effects)

(Want to go back on half a tablet a day)

- Is there a certain type of dermatologist i should see?

- And what should i ask the dermatologist for when i see them?

- Is it worth seeing a Trichologist?

- Considering hair transplant, but not sure if a FUE or strip is good for curly hair? (would prefer FUE but open to suggestions)

- I'm now a lifeguard at the beach so I'm in the sun and surf daily, how will this affect me if i have a hair transplant?

- And will the transplanted hair look different when wet?

- Is it worth it to sleeping with no pillow or massage head for 30min a day – to get the blood flowing and more nutrients to the scalp?

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1. I would ask the doctor their opinion on the side effects and discuss the issues you had before.

2. Any dermatologist should should have adequate training, but you could see a specific hair loss physician if you're looking for someone who only treats hair.

3. You need to discuss FUE versus FUT candidacy with your surgeon.

4. Most physicians recommend avoiding direct sunlight to the scalp for the first 3-6 months after the procedure. If you work as a lifeguard, it's likely that you'll need to cover up for the first few months post-operative.

5. The transplanted hair should look identical to your native hair.

6. Some clinics put more emphasis on scalp laxity/pre-operative exercises before the surgery, but this is something you'll need to discuss with the specific clinic.


Hope this helps!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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