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hair transplant in hyderabad



I have stage VI baldness and recently i have taken the long pending and bold decision to come to Hyderabad for Hair Transplant.


In my case Dr Madhu had innitially seen my digital snaps through e-mail and recommened 3000 grafts for HT but when i met him in person he honestly said that the results would not be satisfactory due to lesser donor hair ; wider bald area and to my surprise he very honestly though refund the deposit money for hair transplant.Further i have good quality and quantity of body and facial beard but he informed that result for body hair transplant is again not good in comparison to scalp hair and the ratio is 1:20.


Dr Ashok offered to get the HT done within reasonable expectations with the remark that Dr Madhu was a man of limited capability.Now i see from forums that there are some negative feedbacks about Dr Ashok.


Wonder what Dr Y V Rao would response to my case though i did not come across any negative feedback about him and patients on this forum have also recommended him.


I understand that i need an extracalibre HT specialist who can put in some extra efforts to restore a reasonable hairline.Wonder if Y V Rao would be the right recommendation for my case ?

Look forward to advice from senior members.Do i need to go for non surgical means ? Any advise on that front too though i still believe strongly that i can be restored a reasoble hairline by hair transplant esp as my expectations are realistic and moderate.


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Again, congratulations on the procedure!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator


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Dear Future ;


Thanks for your interest in my post and for being around with all your invaluable support and advice.

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