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My Hair Transplant Experience




Don’t wait any longer. All of your fears, concerns, and anxiety can be cured by visiting Dr. Charles.

I am a 53 year young male that within the past year started my research to find a solution to keep my hair from falling out. As you will see by reading on, I did check on my options locally in the Orlando area, but then I chose the procedure being offered by Dr. Glenn Charles, more than 3 hours from my home in Boca Raton, Florida. Well worth the trip!!!

By October 2012 I realized that the rate of hair loss I had, in my opinion, increased and I was now in need of having a hair transplant. I did quite a bit of research on-line and requested material from a couple offices in the area, which by the way, when requesting the material from 2 offices, they replied by calling or emailing me to schedule a free consultation. So, instead of replying to their offers of a free consultation I continued my research. While researching my options I decided to visit an office fairly close to my home and met with their “director”, not the doctor. Having been my first consultation I was somewhat impressed with the procedure being offered (FUE), right up to when I was told they would have to shave my head… Remember I was looking for a solution to stop my hair from falling out; shaving my head was not an option. Not meeting the doctor didn’t help with the sales pitch either. Let me back up a bit, this is very important as I am sure you will find when doing your own research. When I walked into this office I don’t recall seeing anything that advertised their hair transplant procedure. What I did see were plenty of advertisements/literature on various types of cosmetic surgery. My point here is, from what I could understand, this office purchased the hair transplant equipment and is now offering this new procedure to their list of services. Maybe not a problem for you, but for me I wanted a solution from a doctor that has years of experience and the doctor’s primary service is hair transplant. And lastly, when I go in for a consultation I wanted to meet the doctor, not the sales director.

My wife and I met with Dr. Charles in October 2012. When we left his office we were convinced and excited about scheduling the procedure. Why? Dr. Charles answered a handful of questions and then set me in front of a mirror to show me what he saw with regards to my hair loss progression, and what his vision for the procedure would be. It’s as if he knew exactly what I wanted to do. Dr. Charles drew a line on my scalp to show me where he thought my hairline should be and within seconds my wife and I knew this would be the procedure for me. Let’s add it up: free consultation, met with the doctor (not the director), all questions answered, doctor knew exactly what I wanted, doctor knew exactly what would work best for me, price was reasonable, and the doctor is friendly, caring, funny, and very knowledgeable. He also gave us his cell phone number and said to call anytime (I did). We couldn’t have been more pleased.

After checking my schedule for the Holidays I scheduled my appointment for December 20, 2012. When working with the office manager on the schedule I have to tell you the professional and courteous service was second to none. I arrived on the day of the procedure and again met with Dr. Charles. I must tell you that even though all of my concerns were addressed and my anxiety reduced after meeting with him in October, it had been 2 months since that meeting and I was a bit anxious. In fact I called him a couple weeks earlier and we talked for a bit, which helped. But once again on the day of the procedure my anxiety was again a bit heightened. When meeting with Dr. Charles on the 20th he again mapped out the plan for my procedure and I was excited to get going.

I won’t go through the procedure experience in detail, but you need to know don’t wait; don’t even wait 2 more months like I did. Meet with Dr. Charles and go through the procedure. For me, the procedure was not painful, sure there was the occasional twinge when they applied the local anesthesia, but nothing like you might expect. If pain is your only concern then stop worrying about it. I was so pleased with the procedure. His staff is awesome; they work together like a well-trained team. It was great to watch them as they worked in concert with each other. Yes, you are in the chair for quite a while, but they have movies to watch and you can wear your ear buds if you want to listen to music or a book. I was planning on listening to a book on my iPhone, but watching a movie and the “team” working together really helped the time pass.

I can’t say enough to explain how pleased I was with the entire process of getting to where I am today. It has been just over 2 months since the procedure and I am happy with the results. I know what to expect in the coming weeks and months, and I am looking forward to each new day as I know I will soon have new hair growth in areas that I’ve wanted for years. My wife loves it and asks to check out my head every day (kinda funny), and I have had friends over the holidays make positive comments, not knowing I’ve been through the procedure, and those I have told I had the procedure, they can’t believe it.

If you would like to email me or call me contact me anytime- 407-719-2216 or danolson@cfl.rr.com

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Dr. Charles is an excellent physician! I'm glad the procedure went well. Congratulations!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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