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Dr Parsa Mohebi 6 month post review



I just came back from my 6 month post op exam with Dr Parsa. I have noticed significant changes in my hair line. I didn't have any bleeding, I didn't even notice any hairs fall out. Though most of them did, as evidenced in my mirror on my crown. But I didn't worry for it was meant to be. After about the third month, I kept scrutinizing my hair hairline with a magnifying mirror to spot any new growth, but no....I couldn't see any. After about the fourth month however, when I was out of the shower and blowdrying my hair I noticed a row with little hairs throughout the hairline about half an inch tall. I was excited. well around the fifth month I noticed that I was able to better control my hairline and whilst applying gels it would stay put. I now can comb my hair up and back and show my corners and my face. The results especially now after six months are mindboggling. People at the restaurant I work have begun complementing my hair. A couple even think that i'm wearing a wig. They have tried to grab my "new" hair at the top, convinced that I am wearing a wig. Alas....no. Most of my coworkers have noticed that i'm styling my hair a lot different than before and have complemented me on my hair. it is such a wonderful feeling to have. Even my doctor, Dr. Parsa Mohebi is excited with my early results. Especially since it's been only six months and true growth is now begginning to take hold. The crown, however, is alot slower to respond, even though I can conceal the back a little easier than before. Still, I have to be patient for at least another six months. I have no fear. My early results are outstanding and it's only a matter of time before the crown catches up. I'm still on a quarter of a finasteride tablet every single day and at the end of my one year journey, Dr Parsa will re evaluate my progress, and offer perhaps a tiny touch up job, or maybe even scalp-micropigmentation. (I am fanatic about hair....I want to be super thick with absolutely no signs of hair loss. I am a little vain, I suppose, though in the hands of the charismatic and ever so humble Dr Parsa Mohebi, I feel that I can slowly lay these fears to rest....indefinetely.....) Once the consultation was over he took pictures and burned them on a CD and thanked me for posting his results on the hair restoration network. He urged me to repeat the process and inform everyone I know....well dear reader, I hope that you will find my results appealing and the wonderful handywork performed by Dr Parsa Mohebi worth exploiting in the near future. By the way, did I mention that I am a smoker? I smoke two packs a day and have done so just shortly afetr surgery. I know it's bad for my health, I am trying to quit, however....I seem to have been fortunate enough to not have my growth impacted due to smoking thus far...

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Looks great! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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