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Irish guys hair transplant



Hi ,,im new to this site,,im an Irish guy from the south who had a hair transplant in September 2012 and am sitting back now examining the results daily ,,,:) ,,,,i had my transplant done in Wroclaw in Poland with Dr Marwan Saifi ,,i flew from Dublin direct to Wroclaw ,,took about two and a half hours ,,,stayed in Wroclaw about three days ,and enjoyed the whole experience ,,so ,,,

where do i start ,,,to begin ,,i will not post any photos today ,,but will in the next week or so ,,i am 35 years old ,,,have been in various stages of balding since i was about 22 ,,but over years it seemed to fall out faster and faster until i reached a Norwood 6 ,,maybe pushing 7 level !!! ,,,when i see guys with a shaved head i think it looks cool ,,,and have some " bald " friends who i think it really suits ,,,however ,,,some of us ,,have different kinds of faces and head shapes ,,,so i just never really thought i was " meant to be bald " ,,,do you know ??? ,,like ,,it just didnt suit my head !!! ,,so finally this year i decided to do something about it ,,i also felt i needed to change something in my life ,,so why not my flippin head !!! :) ,,to be honest ,,,i wasnt hoping for too much ,,,i even considered skin pigmentation ,,where they basically tattoo your head with thousands of dots so you are left with what looks like a really tight haircut ,,,but in the end ,,,i thought ,,nahhh ,,,it still wont make my particular head look right ,,,,so i decided to go ahead with the hair transplant thing ,,,i was a bit nervous ,,cos ,,in the beginning ,,,considering ,,i knew nobody in real life who had it done ,,,you can easily become skeptical ,,,,and when u see photos of Wayne Rooney ,,or James Nesbitt ,,,or these high profile guys ,,,with successful results ,,you think ,,,maybe ,,cos they had enough money ,,they found some way to cheat it ,,,and thats why they got good results ,,,,so ,,,,like i said ,,i was wary ,,,but it just reached a point where i didnt care anymore ,,,like ,,,if the results were good ,,then they were good ,,and if they werent ,,then they werent ,,,but surely it had to be better than the big baldy head i had as it was !!!:) ,,,so ,,,,,,after researching many sites on the net ,,,i eventually decided on Dr Marwan Saifi ,,,for a few reasons ,,,one of the main ones being ,,i read a blog ,,,by a member on this board i believe ,,,where a patient flew to Poland ,,for consultation ,,wanted the operation ,,but Dr Saifi ,,,warned him against it ,,saying ,,it was too early in his process to have a transplant ,,and he should wait a few years to see how his balding turned out ,,,,,this impressed me ,,it showed ,,,this particular doctor actually gives a @@@@ about someone ,,,also ,,,,after watching some clips of him on youtube ,,,i found his manner ,,kinda " cool " ,,,,that kind of chilled out that guys who are at the top of their game have ,,,my dentist has something similar ,,,liek hes not there to prove something ,,or to fleece me for money ,,,just a guy who found something in life he likes ,,that hes good at ,,and is calmly aware he is good at it ,,just a quality i really like in people ,,,not arrogance,,,,security ,,,,,anyways ,,,without getting too poetic ,,,i decided this is the Doc for me ,,so i arranged a consultation ,,he phoned me ,,,after speaking with him ,,i was more impressed ,,,no " sales ploy " ,,no bulllsh@@@@ ,,,,just a sincere guy with respect ,,,someone i felt ,,i could trust on this big lifechanging matter ,,,we arranged an appointment ,,i flew in ,,was collected by his taxi driver Chris ,,was put in a beautiful hotel ,,in a beautiful town ( id never been in Poland and wazs pretty impressed ) ,,woke up the next day ,,went in about 9 in the morning ,,finished late in the evening ,,,and it was done !!!! ,,,,,,

So ,,quickly ,,i would say ,,the whole thing could NOT have been done any better ,,sincerely ,,,a great attitude ,,from Dr Saifi ,,the staff ,,,everything ,,any panic buttons in my body were quickly calmed ,,everything was explained perfectly ,,,everyone working there understood that for a patient this is a " big thing " ,,,so they dont rush you ,,,or treat you like another number ,,etc,,,almost had a kinda family feel to it ,,,like meeting up at Xmas ,,,!!! ( hard to explain ) ,,,God bless Dr Saifi 's patience ,,,cos ,,,it must be hard to sit still and put thousands of little hairs into sumones head for hours ,,,but he did ,,along with one of his nurses ,,,,,i was sedated while the grafts were being taken from the back of my head ,,,some kind of anaesthetic ,,,but it was quite a high ,,i think i fell asleep for a while ,,,but nice stuff whatever it was ,,then the front of my head was numbed with some other anesthetic while the grafts were put in ,,,,you can feel the presence of someone fiddling around your head ,,,but no pain ,,,like when a dentist numbs your mouth and starts fiddling around ,,,your just " aware " ,,,but no discomfort really ,,,after the operation ,,i returned to a hotel ,,went to sleep ,,went out later that night ,,walked around the beautiful town of Wroclaw ,,had a coffee ,,,went back to the hotel ,,went back to sleep ,,woke up the next day ,,,slight discomfort back of the head ,,,but not " pain " ,,,stayed another day ,,went to Berlin for a few days ,,,,,phewwwwwwwwww ,,,

,,,,,,,So ,,thats what happened then ,,,since then ,,for the first week ,,most of the hairs are in your head ,,so u look in the mirror quite a lot ,,amazed at seeing hair on your head ,,,where there wasnt for soooooooo long ,,,,admiring the new shape of your face !!! ;) ,,,then sadly ,,,when the scabs fall off ,,,so do many of the hairs ,,and after a month many more fall out ,,,i read somewhere ,,that 15 per cent of hairs remain in general ,,,dont know if thats true or not ,,the donor scar in the back looks and feels a bit weird ,,,and you become very paranoid about it ,,,but its purely a psychological thing ,,,in ur mind !!!! ,,,,after about ten days ,,,i took out the stitches ,,i wouldnt recommend this to others ,,,if you have a nurse nearby ,,im sure she could do it easily ,,,but i was in Amsterdam at the time ,,,and couldnt be bothered ,,,so i took a mirror ,,and cut them out myself one by one ,,,,twinged a little ,,,but not so bad ,,still tho ,,,get to a nurse if you can ;) ,,,,,once the stitches were out ,,,everything felt better,,,,theres a kinda tight compressed feeling around your head while the stitches are in ,,,and if youv a big imagination ,,its easy in these times to imagine " oh no ,,,what have i done to myself ??? i never had this feeling before this flippin operation !!!! im gonna be like this forever !!!! :o " ,,,,:) ,,,,,but these thoughts quickly disappear ,,once the stitches are out ,,,

,,,,So ,,,im now about 4 months in ,,,and heres how i feel ,,,,im still ,,,in relatively early stages ,,,,but i swear on this ,,,for anyone who has any reservations about getting this operation done ,,,,,truth be known ,,,even after two months ,,,with little growth ,,,it still looked 50 million times better than i did ,,,when i was simply bald ,,,if someone had asked me after two months ...." was it worth it ??" ,,,,,i swear i would have said " ,,yup yup yup " ,,,that simple !!! ,,,some people complaiin about " not enough definition ,,or density " ,,,,or things like that,,,,,,but lets be realistic ,,,,if you had no hair ,,,and someone even drew a picture on ur head of a hairline ,,,,it WOULD look a little better ,,,,,i hate admitting that to myself ,,,but it is true !!! :) ,,,,so ,,two months in ,,,i was happy as a lark ,,,but now four months in ,,,im way more so ,,,its growing all the time ,,,and appearing thicker all the time ,,,i have to wait til at least the six month stage to obviously have a fuller picture ,,,but seriously ,,,just looking at my own face,,,,seeing a few inches above my eyes ,,,a hairline ,,,where there was none ,,,its a colossal change ,,,,this week ,,i had to get passport photos taken for a licence ,,,,i also got these same photos done two years ago ,,,,it was hilarious ,,,looking at the same face ,,,that two years ago was bald ,,,,and now ,,two years older ,,,is NOT !! ,,,, i look younger ,,,realistically than i did two years ago ,,,,its quite bizarre !!! ,,,and thats where i feel real happy about having got this done ,,,cos so much of what we feel is in our bleeding heads ,,,,if u think about it !!! ,,,,like which comes first ,,the feeling or the thought ,,,its the feeling ,,,,so ,,,pure cliched stuff ,,,but ,,,if u feel good ,,,u look better,,,,and thats sadly true as well !!! ,,,,,,,so ,,,ill keeep waiting ,,,and like i said ,,ill put up some picture in the next two weeks ,,,,when i was twenty two ,,i had thick long curly hair ,,,it was sooooooooo nice it made women jealous i swear !!! ,,,:) ,,,now ,,,im not ever gonna have that kinda hair again ,,,,but ,,,i never disliked my face,,,,i just disliked the fact there was no hair line above it ,,,,,now ,,,i have that back ,,,,so ,,,,does it change my world ????? yeah ,,,it does actually ,,,someone cud say to me no w,,,,," hey man ,,,ur thinning on top " ,,,,,,thats fine ,,,,im not twenty ,,,i dont mind thininng on top ,,,what i minded was me not liking my own face ,,,,if that makes sense ,,,,ok,,,im ranting too much ,,so ill stop ,,,,

to conclude,,,,if your thinking of getting this done ,,,,do it ,,,do it ,,do it ,,,do it ,,,,,

if you really want a good doctor ,,,,and more ,,,actually ,,,a good person ,,,,i cannot recommend Dr Saifi enough ,,,and i say that sincerely ,,,i havent been " paid " to say this ,,im not a bleedin " rep " of the clinic or other crap like that ,,,,,this was a big thing in my life ,,a big step ,,it cud have finished with me being disappointed with the results ,,the experience ,,,with serious headaches ,,,,,instead ,,,it was all good ,,,,so a huge thanks to him if he ever reads this ,,,,i will be back for crown work by the way ,,sometime maybe next year ,,,:) ,,,anyone who would like to chat about it ,,,drop me a mail and i will send u pics or discuss it with you ,,,,thanks for putting up with my longgggggggggg rant ,,but cmon ,,,its a once in a lfetime thing ,,,im entitled to a degree of self indulgence !!! ,,,,Happy growing everyone ,,,,:) and happy new yearrrrrrrrrr !!:)


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Hi, intresting story.


ive also been thinking of Dr Marwan Saifi. ive been researching lots of different surgons in the UK but the price put me off. Ive read lots of good reviews about him and havent really heard of anything negative which sounds promising.


how many grafts did you have? do you use any medication?





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hey baker t ,,,,

i had 2500 originally ,,but there were extra grafts that came from the donor area so i think it was roughly about 2700,,,the Doc told me at the time ,,,but i cant recall exactly ,,,im not really into medication ,,,maybe im jsut paranoid but i even hate taking anadin :) ,,,seriously ,,:) ,,,so th idea of propecia or wotever its called ,,,jsut wasnt for me ,,,however ,,,completely by chance ,,,in a friends closet i found a bottle of Minoxidyl 5 per cent in a friends closet jsut after the operation ,,,and i read it might speed up results ,,,so i applied it for a month til the bottle ran out ,,,cant tell if it really did improve things or not ,,,so just did it cos i had it ,,,anyways ,,,like i said in my blog thingie ,,,i cudnt recommend the doc more,,,and about three weeks ago ,,,i hit a point where i was convinced ,,,the hair wasnt growing any more ,,,and i was feelin bad ,,,but then i realised ,,,it was just kinda thickening out ,like settling into place,,,so im happier than ever ,,,im on about 6 months now ,,but cant wait for the 8th month mark ,,where its all even length etc,,,,,anyways ,,,if u have any other queries lemme know ,,,,and like i said ,,if ur gonna do this ,,,Dr Saifi is yer man :) cheers

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