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Day 1 to Day 3



My surgery invloved about 4350 grafts.

The first 24 hours are definitely the worst in terms of pain. Definitely have to take the pain meds they give you. The real bad part is the donor scar area...not only did mine hurt, it was entirely uncomfrotable leaning back on in a recliner. And so it made for a somewhat sleepless first night!

Day 2 was easier in terms of pain. It was also when the swelling started. Again, there's meds for that.. In the end, I did get some sleep on the second night, but the pain meds came in handy for that.

The pics below are from day 1 to 3. I am at 1.5 weeks as I'm writing this, and I am still uncomfortable with the donor area, as it still hurts to sleep on. Can't wait to get the stitches uot, as I'm told this will help ease the pain.

I will try to put updates at every 1 month interval.


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Looks great! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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