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Gettin it Done! -Dr Abraham Armani, Dallas



I'm a 36 year old male of Indian origin living in the Dallas metroplex, and have been losing hair since i was about 30, and it's almost 6 on the Norwood scale.

After finally deciding to get surgical hair restoration, my journey begins, which i would like to summarize as i go along.

Dec 2012 : Visited Bosley and talked to the sales consultant, which i honestly didn't like the constanst sales pitch and bad reviews about rip off and assemly line like treatment of patients, i decided to explore further.

Dec 2012: Set up an appointment with Dr Abraham Armani, and it was a pleasant experiance as i met the Dr himself and he listened patiently about my expectations and explained in detail about the options available and what i can expect. Dr. Armani is just wonderful, extremely down to earth, knowledgable, frank, has a few best doc awards, is patient in answering all of my questions, and his pricing is slightly better than the rest.so i decided to go ahead with the FUT strip procedure.I chose the mega session which guarantees about 3000 grafts.My procedure is setup for feb 02 as i have a shaved head i need atleast 1/2 inch or more to cover the scar. i'm also getting the Genetic test for the effectiveness of Propecia.

Jan 25 2013: Dr Armani called me personally to prep me about the procedure and what to expect.

Feb 01 2013 : Dr Armani called again, to confirm and answer any pre Surgery questions or jitters i may have.

All set for tomorrow.....

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Good luck! I hope you'll keep us updated.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator

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