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Hair transplantation



I have been losing hair since I was around 20 years old...slowly but gradually. After 30 I was thinking that I need to do something about it. I am 41 now and 2 years ago I decided that it had to be done since I felt and look younger than I am. I was browsing all kind of forums to find the best option.

Since Dr. Rahal's name kept poping up as the best in hair transplantation and all the feedbacks I read were positive I drop them an email to find out more. Being a Swiss I am very sceptical about everything and I asked the secretary to provide me with e reference patient before I wanted to move on. I got in touch with a guy from Germany, who gave me all his insights, send me his pictures before and after and made me feel a lot more comfortable.

I knew I did not want to make any compromises in quality and having read some bad experiences people have made, I decided to pick the best what ever it costs. So, I picked Dr. Rahal in Ottawa which eventually turn out to be a normal price for the 4000 grafts which have been transplanted. My surgery is just 3 days old now and I have to say all went really well, everything went as planned and I am very happy I did it. Okay, I have to admit right now I look like a clown but I guess in 2-3 weeks from now I will be able to compete with Elvis Presley :-) I had now pain during the surgery and have no pain since the surgery.

Overall, I am very happy that I have done it. I am very confident it will look good in a few weeks.

I will keep you posted how it is going over the next 2 weeks and month.

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Best of luck with it, your donor hair looks really thick and good which should give you a great result even though tou might look a bit like a clown at the moment like you say yourself :)


Look forwards to seeing the growth

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