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thin hair



I'm 28 years old. I've always had baby fine hair, so fine in fact you can see my scalp . Recently, I've noticied it getting a little thinner on top, I don't think I'm losing a lot but would like to consider hair replacement. I've tried hair products, red light laser (useless and a waste of money), they actually told me I was losing my hair but I'm sure they say that to everyone.I've also tried hair extensions which made my baby fine hair even worse.

I'm so paranoid about my hair, it's been a problem since the early age of 12.I'm sick of people telling me how fine it i. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about it. The problem is I don't actually have a balding area, my hair is just so fine on top, the individual hairs are fine and sparse, so you can see through my hair to my scalp.

Can I consider hair replacement and what are the associated costs?


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Hi Lailo, my name is Tony, profile agdc. I never thought of a woman having a hair loss problem before but I guess it does occur. Instead of losing the hairline and receding I think women's hair loss is one of thinning. I don't know if you have tried minoxidil 2% for women but it might help. In your profile picture it doesn't seem like you have thin hair. Anyway, best of luck to you.

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Its a good thing that you have curly hair. Actually that's something else you could do is to curl your hair even more or perm it , will give the illusion of more density. I was looking on the net one evening at pictures of famous actresses without their hair and I must say they looked quite stunning. So try not to be too concerned, not easy to do I know.


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I don't think your photo (or the ones you sent me privately via email) really capture the thinning you are concerned about. Since you told me you're not experiencing hair loss and just have naturally thin hair, I don't believe there's anything you can really do to add actual density.


The good news is you're young, very attractive and aren't experiencing hair loss. However, you may want to try volumizing shampoos, various hairstyles, or even topical concealers to help aid in the appearance of fullness/thickness if you are concerned about it :-).


Best wishes,


Bill (Falceros)

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Good to hear from someone down under. Strange fact: I know the Australian national anthem. Toured Australia for a month with a college singing group back in the day. Love your country!

Some people experience significant difference in their hair thickness and appearance by adhering to diets that promote hair growth. I posted a blog on the site here that may be of use:



Best of luck :-)


Panama Jimmy 

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Like others have stated, I'm unsure if surgical replacement is necessary at this point. I think you should see a dermatologist and determine whether or not you are experiencing loss, and, if so, what is causing this thinning.


Good luck, and keep us updated!!

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