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My HT with Dr Devroye, 23rd Jan 2013



Hi everyone, i am sat at my desk at work, on my first day back after having had a FUT HT on 23rd Jan, with Dr devroye in Brussels.

After around 18 months of reaserch, and having had various consultations in the U.K. i decided that i needed to go abroad for my HT, I know that living in manchester meant i had a fantastic company in Farjo on my doorstep, but after consulting Dr Devroye online and sending pics etc, everything just felt right about going ahead with him.

I booked my HT Last october for this january, originally on the 24th and booked my plane tickets, hotel etc, i planned on staying in belguim for 4 days in total to give me some rest after the op.

I was contacted by the surgery last week to ask if i could move from the 24th to the 23rd as they had a mix up with another patient, and seeing as i was flying out early on the 23rd, it meant i could go straight from the airport to have my procedure, and i had no problem with that, as it would give me an extra day in brussels after the ht to recuperate.

So i went to the clinic straight from the airport, arriving there at 9.45 a.m.

After meeteing with the Dr, we quickly established what i wanted doing on my crown and temples, and after taking some 'before' pictures he asked was i ready to get started.

I was taken into the operating room and given anestetic, ,the DR then removed the donor strip and we found out that due to good density, i would have around 3200-3400 grafts, so i was very pleased with this.

The doctor closed up the donor area with both sutures and staples

The doctor then proceeded to make all the incisions for the grafts , and there were around 500 in each temple and 2500 on my crown which i felt was the perfect mix for the result i wanted

After this i was given a cap to cover my head and i went and had lunch in the kitchen where i was offered a few different choices of meal, and had a chat with a couple of staff who were very friendly.

It was now around 1 pm and i was anxious to get started with the tranplant of the grafts, 2 of the senior technitions started to put in the grafts , stopping every now and then to wait for more to be cut, due to the fact that they were going in very easy and quickly.

I ended up with 3448 grafts for around 8800 hairs so i was very pleased.

This procedure lasted untill 7.30 in the evening, when the doctor dropped me off at my Hotel.

i went back the next day to have the staples removed and to clean the donor area.

All in all i am extremely happy with the procedure, it is just now a tme to be patient and to adhere to the post-op instructions which are vital to make the whole thig a sucess.

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Congratulations! Thank you for keeping us updated.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator

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