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FUE hair transplant with Dr Prabdeep Sohi from Reviva clinic, Chandigarh India




I am 33 Male from India.

I had a hair transplant surgery with Dr Prabdeep Sohi ( Revivia Clinic ) in Chandigarh, India on 17 th December 2012.

I had 3V condition.

No. of Grafts used as per doctor:- 3100 (1800 grafts front, 1000 grafts crown & 300 grafts sides joining the crown to temples)

Method used:- FUE




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looks amazing! your life is about to change bud! congrats! did u entertain other HT doctors in India? why did you chose this particular doctor?

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Result looks pretty good. How long would you say it would have been before you could be really mobile? I ask as I'd be travelling back to another country afterwards, aha

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Hi Jeets, How is your progress now? would be great if you share some updates..


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