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3757 grafts by Dr.Radha-1 month update




I completed 1 month today and so the update. I have religiously washed my hair twice a day with baby shampoo for 1st 15 days and then everyday once since then with baby shampoo on grafted area and anti dandruff shampoo on the scar and back.

Scabbing started around day 4-5 and I lost a few hair along with the scabs but thankfully no blood, so I understand that no grafts have been lost. I haven't lost all the grafted hair, which people usually do at 1 month mark, but I'm not really worried about it. The scar is invisible to naked eye but the redness is there and I can feel it if touch the area, but that is expected.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding the progress and if you find anything amiss. Will next update the blog at the end of 3 months mark i.e. around 14th April.

Need your prayers.....


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Hi Sadsub... looks to be good as of now... All the best for it to grow... Can you tell me if Dr. Radha does online consultation? If yes, how do I contact her? I had sent her some pics but ddnt get any response...

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Ya she does online consultation. I had all my discussions over mail. She might take some time for the initial reply, but once that comes through you need to followup on it. I would advice send her some followup mails. All the best.

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Thanks Sadsub... I had contacted her on this email Id but she didnt respond... but I sent her another mail for which she responded...

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hi buddy hope u get wonderful result and i am also planing for ht with dr radha next month so pls need ur help if u could forward ur no. to mu mail id that is rajibsaha030987@gmail.com so that i can get depth analysis of the ht.

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