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Am I balding?!



Okay, here's my story.

I'm now 19 and I recently had a haircut. Had it just trimmed down. At a party, while some of my mates were clicking pictures, they managed to capture my crown area. And I was shocked when I saw the photos. It looked as if I was half bald! Now I was losing hair, but it was only on the towel when I used to dry my hair. I used to notice around 7-10 hairs everytime i used to shower(2-3 times a day), but i made notjing of it as i never really noticed losing hair during the remainder of the day.

Now my dad has a full head of hair, but my grandfather(father's side) lost his hair due to some medical condition, although his hair on the temples is relatively thick. He has just lost all his hair at the crown area. Even my father's brother has not shown any signs of MPB.

Coming to my mother's side, my mom's hair starting thinning around my age, don't know the reason for that. Her father at 70 has all his hair. All her male second cousins too have not receded except for one. She has a younger sister who also has no hair loss.

The hair at my temple is the same. It hasn't receded, it is only the crown I'm worried about. I don't think i'n genetically disposed to suffer from MPB. Or am I?

I've included some pictures of my crown, takedn after the party.

Am I actually sufferring from MPB?



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Yes, unfortunatley. You're in preliminary stages of balding. You're young I would suggest you to look around for medication which could control the loss.

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Go on propecia right-away to keep the hair that you have. Too early for a transplant...

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