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should i take finastride? proscar? propecia?



hello everyone.

before i have even the closest amount of moneyu to get a hair transplant (as im sure i need one)]

i would like to slow down and help my process by taking something orally and medicational.

since that seems to work the best besides naturally and topically from what i see.

i found this website and hopefully it helps people.



the thing is. the generic form of propecia is finastride. so i wonder why it says genric proscar.

from reading it says they used propecia for younger tests and proscar on older patients.

so can i get this and safely say that it will help me since it is the chemical compound?

also i saw oral minoxidle worls great but i cant find it anywhere.

although on this blog it stats it does exist.




thank you everyone.


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Both finasteride and minoxidil are proven hair loss medications. Because of this, I would consider a consultation with a physician to discuss the pros and cons of the medication and consider starting therapy.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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i have spoken to about 5-6 different dermatologists and they said "well we dont know why your going bald it could just be male pattern baldness"

i have seen the pros and cons and will start to take the medication.

i just think its bad one doctor of mine said "theres nothing you can do and your goin to waste your money'

i mean sheesh...even hair transplant works.

thank you for the reply!

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