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hair loss battle. advice?





I started to experience hair loss when i turned 20. pretty much on the dot like it was some bad super power.

it would shed in clumps, showering made it worse as well as combing it.

and when i woke up and looked at my pillow it was as if i became human again after a full moon transformation..

after seeing about 6 dermatologists and hair surgeons for advice methods and acts.

i waited for there advice and help but the more i waited the more i lost.

i had a biopsy revealing that i had no fungal or problems.

i was told its just male pattern baldness and thats all.

i took many blood tests to test my dehydro-testosterone,dhea and hormonal levels.

and they said i was in perfect health.and i know that to be true since i work out daily, was in wrestling,weight lifting and was always fit and active.

with this situation tho yes it has taken a very strong toll on me.my hair was my attitude my life my personality pretty. and just what i felt comfertable with.

so of course i felt less confident less attractive less healthy and more discouraged all the time.very crippling.

i am beoming better but only cause i have hopes for battling and overcoming this|! with a new head of hair of course :)

they considered i was just severally stressed.

but who wouldn't be? the only stress i knowingly have is trying to be successful.

i am young, and my main career is music and acting both needing to look attractive.

my family no one was bald but my cousin and all he did was just keep shaving his head.

and ive had a bald head when i was 10 and its not a good look for me i love my long hair and want to keep it and maintain it even regrow more.

ive researched and know mostly everything there is to know that can be found on the net.

what foods to eat,what pills should be taken,what vitamins can work,whats good and whats not.

but like the internet and the world we live in its black and white, its good and its bad, it works and it has side effects.

but i am willing to go through with everything i can.


i can tell my air loss has to be associated with this male pattern baldness theory.

as well as the build up the the .



due to the fact that every time i scratch my head i get the waxy like dandruff underneath my finger nails.and i only get it from the parts that i am losing hair.

i know that this is why i am losing hair.and it has to be cause of the dihydro.if i scratch hair falls out. if i shower and take it off hair falls out.

and it comes back later anyways.its not dandruf cause ive had dandruff when i was ten years old and it completly went away.

but now when i hit 21 this came.and i never had this build up before.

some doctors are somewhat helpful some are not. i had a doctor clearly tell me "no one will help you and there is nothing anyone can do for you"

what a downer! i do not believe this! even hair surgery helps and i will be saving for it in the future but as of now i just need help to take the right things.

i want to take oral minoxidil but i cannot find it online if you find it please send me a link.

i hear there are Indian websites that sell it. as read on this blog www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/159410-my-experience-propecia-positive-next-thread.html

any information can help.

some questions i do have is.

im using hairmax laser comb. i hear it works, then i see people say it does not and its a complete scam is it?

i want to take fin-astride cause from what i see it has the less side effects any places i can get it very cheap?

does being in a smoke filled apartment effect hair loss? ( i live with my father in a one bedroom apartment and he is a chain smoker)

does massage therapy work?(warm oils 30 mins)

does washing your hair in cold water and massaging for 5 mins help?

does the whole eggs mayonnaise trick work?(sleeping with it)

i hear that old hair lies dormant for 4 years waiting to regrow. until the pours and vellus hair close up.the follicle basically. that means i have about a year or 2 to figure this all out.

anything i should avoid? besides sodium Laural sulfate?



things ive done


i did take propecia and the generic form for about 3 months but i saw with research that i have to take it for the rest of my life.

ive been doing the hair max laser comb (the smallest one) for about two months now.

i took soy isoflavanoids and it made my hair shed alot faster now that ive stopped its back to its normal shed as usual.

i took nisim shampoo and conidioner but saw no real results.

plenty of hair vitamins. shenmin,nisim,nioxin.





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I was once in a similar predicament as yourself, hair loss had a big impact on my self confidence. At 34 I just wasn't ready to lose my hair, I don't have a great profile so being bald was not going to be pretty. So naturally I wanted to try everything to stop losing my hair.


However, I'm a medical scientist so I know better than to try medications that are not supported by independent scientific studies to prove their results. I found that very few hair loss 'solutions' had such data to back up their explosive findings. In particular, I found laser therapy to be the biggest hoax, there is no scientific evidence that this works, at all. Finesteride drug has a fair amount of data and can work on some people, but like all drugs it has side effects that you need to consider.


In the end (3 years later) I gave up everything and researched Hair Transplants. In the meantime I was using Nanogen hair fibres to hide my balding melon, which worked well enough. But the more I looked, the more evidence I found from testimonials that Hair Transplant is the only permanent fix for a see-thru scalp.


2 weeks ago I had my first full Hair Transplant in Bangkok. Best decision I ever made and well worth the money; more than half the price in Thailand than in Australia and I had a very professional and positive experience so far. Can't wait for 1 year when my new hair is growing strong. Check out my pics. 

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