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3757 grafts with Dr.Radha



Hi All, I didnt think I would ever be able to go through this but thanks to Bill,hiflyer and others I got enough confidence to go throughmy first HT. I finalised upon Dr,Radha based on the various reviews in this forumand frankly wasnt really dissapointed. I got in touch with her over mail and at the end I had sent her 16 mails in all. I landed in Vizag on 14th Dec and met her on the same evening. She said I would be needing around 4000 grafts to get a good coverage.She said my laxity and donor density was good and we should easily get good numbers. I was given some valium for relaxation and reported pretty early for the procedure as Dr.Radha had to catch the evening flight to bangalore. The process started by 8 and we were done by 4pm. I managed to get 3757 grafts in all which seems pretty good number to me. my criteria was to get v good density and i was ok with a not so aggresive hairline.I guess wemanaged thatpretty well.Rest is uptoyou allto decide and give meyour opinions.thanks 1 hair -920 2 hair- 2720 3hair - 117


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Congratulations! Thank you for keeping us updated.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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