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Right after the surgery



I have just received my surgery and am taking rest in hotel. Dr. Ron Shapiro did my surgery.

One thing I was impressed was that he didn't want to implant too many grafts for the sake of patient, not trying to take too many grafts to raise the price. He seemed almost non-chalant to such issues.

Operation itself was incredibly pain-free. I felt very small pinches when they injected novocain.

But what makes experience a littlbe uncomfortable is that maybe the valium or the sandwich I had for the lunch made me dizzy / nauseous with minor headache. I hope they could provide with better launch option.

Soon I will upload pre-op and 1~2day after op picture.

Good luck for all of you.


p.s. I often get e-mails telling me that I have received a new message in this forum but when I check the inbox, there is nothing. Can anyone explain this? Thank you!


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Thank you for updating the community on your progress and congratulations on your procedure with Dr. Shapiro. As you know, he's an excellent hair transplant surgeon and you should have a great result when fully matured.


As far as the "new message" issue - certain individuals often sign up for bogus accounts on the hair transplant network and send fake, spamming messages to legitimate members. When one of the moderators catches these members, the messages they sent are deleted, but the email you receive informing you of the message is not. This is why your email says you have a new message, but your inbox on the community is empty.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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