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Dr. Marwan Saifi - how do I get in contact with him



hey! I am looking for info about Dr. Marwan Saifi .. is there anyone who has information about him ..

his website or e-mail??


Please HELP me!


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hello my friend! tanx .. I need it .. I am in Turkey right now and have talked with 8 to 10 doctors .. one of them says I need 2000 grab the other says 5000 and the third says 3000 so they lie so much .. they saw me not as a human being but as a bag of money .. Therefore, I decided to go back to Denmark and wait to have hair transplant until I am absolutely sure that I find a credible learn .. I mestede complete my credibility of Turkish doctors ..


I spent large amount of money on hotels plus, food and transportation without any result ..

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Hello there, I have had my third HT by Dr Saifi today and as with the first two,the level of care and professionalism that have been treated with was outstanding to say the least..I now have a hairline that only dreamt of and for just on £6000 for all three ops.

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