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Considering HT @ 25 years old



Good afternoon friends,

Hope everyone is doing good!!

I was hoping I can get some advice. I am probably sitting somewhere close to a NW3. I am 25 years old and have had a progressively receding hairline since I was about 18 years old.

I saw Dr. Nakatsui here in Edmonton when I was 21 and he told me to come back in a couple years so he can re-assess my hair loss but I haven't been back since.

Please see my hair loss website for pictures. I am very interested in your opinions of my situation. I want to get a HT but am not sure the time is right as most reccommend waiting until the hair loss stabilizes. As I refuse to be tied down to taking pills everyday, I basically have no way of knowing if or when it will stabilize.

Also, my Dad at age 55 is approx. a NW4 and noone in the family is anywhere past a NW5 so I'm hoping I follow in their footsteps and thus have more donor hair to utilize.

I am considering Nr Nakatsui or Hasson & Wong but I understand Hasson & Wong have been doing HTs for much longer than Dr Nakatsui however are all very great Doctors.

Please let me know what you think.

Also I am very ecstatic for everyone on here who has successfully benefitted from a HT or other non-surgical methods. I would like to extend a big congrats to you all!!!



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I was once in a similar predicament as yourself, hair loss had a big impact on my self confidence. At 34 I just wasn't ready to lose my hair, I don't have a great profile so being bald was not going to be pretty. So naturally I wanted to try everything to stop losing my hair.


However, I'm a medical scientist so I know better than to try medications that are not supported by independent scientific studies to prove their results. I found that very few hair loss 'solutions' had such data to back up their explosive findings. In particular, I found laser therapy to be the biggest hoax, there is no scientific evidence that this works, at all. Finesteride drug has a fair amount of data and can work on some people, but like all drugs it has side effects that you need to consider.


In the end (3 years later) I gave up everything and researched Hair Transplants. In the meantime I was using Nanogen hair fibres to hide my balding melon, which worked well enough. But the more I looked, the more evidence I found from testimonials that Hair Transplant is the only permanent fix for a see-thru scalp.


2 weeks ago I had my first full Hair Transplant in Bangkok. Best decision I ever made and well worth the money; more than half the price in Thailand than in Australia and I had a very professional and positive experience so far. Can't wait for 1 year when my new hair is growing strong. Check out my pics.

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