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2500 grafts with Dr radha



I have researched for almost 3years for hair tranplant ..After consulting multiple doctors i choose Dr radha.

Reasons for choosing Dr radha.

1) She does only one surgery per day

2) she involves in most of the part of surgery.

3) I had a very long conversation at the time of the first consulation.(1 hr). Which cleared all my doubts and gave me confidence.(which was not possible with Dr madhu , My consulation with madhu was just for 2-3 minutes and was very hurry hurry)


On my day of surgery 27th november:

- First thing was a hair wash, The nurse who had my hair washed was beautiful :)

- They too my BP and heart beat. surprising my bp was slightly lower than normal.

- Then they changed me into a different dress

- Dr radha came in started taking measurement of my scalp and after few changes we agree to a hair line. Actually i don't want to shave my head . But after disscusing with her i agree to shave a bit where the a hair is really thin

- I was given vallium and some antibiotics.

- I was shifted to that room which looks scary for me (operation theater)

- They shave my donor area and counted number of grafts per sq cm . it was 70 per sq cm not bad.

- They started giving me anastesia, suddenly my heart beat started to increase just a physcological feeling :) :) ...

- They started taking the donor strip .... it took almost 90 minutes for the whole donor extraction.

- They provided me 15 minutes break, i had my lunch in the mean while.

- second innings started., she shaved of my very miniature hair .

- She started incision on my head .. 650 on my right side and 850 on my left side and 600 on temporals.

- Dr Radha her self working on the right temporal and some nurse on the left temporal.

- Remaning all grafts where inserted my her nurses.

- By 7 pm in the evening it was completed and left for the hotel.

- No pain .. slept well that night with out any problem.

- Next day went for the hair wash and back to bangalore on the same night.


Waiting for the photos from Dr radha. Will upload them once i get them from the Dr radha.



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Thanks for sharing! Dr. Radha is great, and I'm glad to hear your experience was pleasant.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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