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What technique does a hair transplant surgeon choose for himself?

Dr Tejinder Bhatti


I am type 5 male pattern bald. having undergone a strip procedure some 7 years bacj, I chose to get filling done in my frontal forelock. I love the FUE technique and got it as the method of choice from a friend's clinic. he is a famous hair transplant surgeon based in the USA and he gave me 1500 grafts in a single day session. It was a breeze. No pain and no fatigue. I slept throughout the procedure- perhaps it was the jet lag catching up! In contrast to the FUT I had much earlier, the recovery was very swift. In fact the very next day I took a 36 hour long trans-atlantic/ trans-continental flight back home. I never felt I was any different from my condition a week back on my onward journey. Today it is 5 weeks after the procedure, the hair are growing fast but I know.... I am going to loose most of them and that they will grow back again after a wait of 2-3 months.... looking forward to good results.... will keep posting my progress


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