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Dear Bill,

Good to see you. As suggested by you, since last 20 days, I have a new professional photographer, as you know Stem Cell results normally takes 3-6 months to show results, I will definitely post after pictures then. At present, I will be posting existing pics. Till then, members can talk or email my patients to know about their experiences. I welcome thorough scrutiny by your members and doctors in this forum, so that I can try to provide answers to their informed questions. I am not making any tall claims. At present, we are seeing good results of hair multiplication on approximately 50% patients, average results on approximately 30% patients and unfortunately no results for 20% patients (in which case we repeat Stem Cells HM process once or twice again with no added cost.) As you are aware SHM is an evolving science wherein proving every month. As per my information, our success rate is one of the best in the world in SHM (our FUT and FUE work is gradually replaced by Stem Cells. I see no harm in using combination approach of SHM and FUE. We use FUE on those part of the scalp where SHM growth is not dense. I think with professional good quality pictures, one can easily distinguish between Stem Cell Hair and FUE Hair since FUE Hair will most probably leave dimpling mark at the point of graft incision and FUE implants cannot be as dense as SHM growth of hair. Till few months, when I'll pose high definition professional photographs, members are welcome to communicate with my patients or visit the clinic. I will shortly be posting my Stem Cell lab multiplying and growing cells microscopic photographs. In the mean time, I can take up informed questions on the land scape of global Stem Cell research and what is my hair multiplication process except my proprietory process which is part of my patent application process. Since speaking to you, we have opened 4 more clinics. Next Clinic is coming up at Delhi in Jan. We are doing 100 plus cases per clinic per month with 70% clients for SHM with a team of 4 plastic surgeons, 18 dermatologists and a team of 74 graduate doctors, technicians and nurses. This would not be possible if our clinic is not producing 'good results.' Our competitors, Adreans research is in the second phase of clinical trial, our success rate is much higher than Dr.Gho who is into Stem Cell activation, not multiplication and our technique is much advanced than A Cell Stem Cell activation.We are in the finalisaton process to start joint clinical trials for our third stage of hair differentiation in vitro in the lab with a renowned Germen regenerative lab who were the first lab to produce neo-papillae hair follicle in-vitro. I have introduced myself to this forum to be thoroughly scrutinised and share wisdom by fellow members and expert faculty of doctors.




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