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Very happy with my Hair Transplant from Dr.Kiely



I was suffering from hair thinning on the top of my head, I had almost lost my hairline. It was really embarrassing. I tried Rogaine Extra strength but the results were poor. I live in ireland and went to see Dr.Conor Kiely in Cork. At first he started me on Propecia but again not great improvement. He then did a Hair Transplant on me. I was a little nervous at first but 1 year later the results are great. He told me to continue to take the Propecia as well. I am really happy I got a Hair Transplant done. What's even better it last for life. All in al it was a very positive experience and I am thrilled with my new, growing hair.



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Thank you for sharing your experience with our hair restoration community. I'm pleased to hear you had a positive experience with Dr. Kiely. Furthermore, you may want to consider adding some photographs to your social profile or patient weblog. Congratulations on the procedure and positive results!

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