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Hello Tammy. Just had a look at your pictures. Like to ask how you feel about the HT progress after 6 months. I`m about 4 months in on my second FUE of 5000 hairs (that was the hair count after they had removed the follicles.)

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Just want to clairify with you a little bit first. The pictures are not my personal results. I represent Dr. Nusbaum and Dr. Rose at Hair Transplant instute of Miami. I read your personal story and want to apologize to you for the very bad expeience you had in the past. I hope your second HT was a much happier event.

With that being said, yes, at six months you can really begin to notice good growth. Of course maximum results won't be acheived until the one year mark. I want to ask you about the "5000" hairs. What is the breakdown? How many 1units, 2 units, and 3units? Do you feel you are seeing any growth at all? Are you taking any additional medication such as propecia?

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