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Day 13 Stitches are out! 11/14/2012



I had the stitches removed today. There was some slight bleeding where the knots were but other than that there was relatively no pain. all of the crusts have fallen off of the graph site and unfortunately some the transplanted hairs have fallen out as well :( Still using the copper peptide shampoo, spray and lotion, and using the minoxidil foam x2 daily. Ordered some new shampoo today as the copper peptide one that I have was just a sample size and it won't last much longer. Also have been using the laser comb 15-30 minutes a day all over my entire head. At the donor site, the only part that appears to be a raised scar is in the center, but the sides are not raised. I think it looks well hidden, the only way you can see it is because the hair at the donor site was cut short and you can see that, but i think once it grows out you wont be able to see it at all. My scalp is starting to look the way it looked before the surgery.

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