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Day of Surgery 11/1/12



Working nights I got off around 0520 and made my way to the doctors office. Having to fight heavy houston AM traffic I arrived just shy of 0800. They were very helpful and I was ready to begin the procedure by 0900. The Doctor drew on my scalp a rough sketch of what my hairline would look like and away we went. they began with several injections of a local anesthetic around the donor area and began to remove the onor piece. It was a very weird feeling as i could not feel any thing sharp but i could feel a saw like motion and rough sensation. It was probably the most nerve racking feeling of the whole procedure. Once the donor piece was removed and my head stitched up, the nurse began to inject the anesthetic in the area where the graphs would go. The doctor then proceeded to make the sites in my scalp with a needle like instrument. A total of 1650 of them. For the next few hours, I drifted in and out of sleep as the doctor and his team placed the graphs. After a while, I began to feel exhausted of sitting in the chair and as the procedure dragged on and the anesthetic was starting to wear off as the procedure drew to a close. The team was very proffesional and nice and they even feed you lunch! they knew i had a long drive home so they reinjected the anesthitic to help manage the pain. My head felt swollen and stretched to point where the it was so uncomfortable i knew I would not fall asleep at the wheel no matter how tired I was, It felt like I was wearing a football helemt that was too small. Pressing on every bit of my head yet I was wearing nothing. I was exhausted by the time i got home and again the pain was beginning to return to unbearable levels. the donor area hurt much more than the area where the graphs had been implanted. My head felt like it was about to burst open and i immedietly dove into the bag of goodies that i was given that included hydrocodone and ambien. The pain slightly began to subdue and I was so exhausted that I decided to get some sleep. I have to sleep on my back for the first for days but the ambien put me right to sleep. More to come....

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The post-operative results look good! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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