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10/26/12- First HT with Dr. Robert True



Hey guys,

So I had my first HT with Dr. True yesterday morning! My morning didnt start off too well because I ended up in the same address of his practice in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan, and walked into a ghetto apartment building that smelled like a bathroom and realized that.....this cannot be where Dr. True is haha. So i finally figured out where his office in Manhattan was and reached there at 9am even though my appointment was at 8am. Dr True and his staff were great, we joked around about the entire situation and they did not make me feel nervous at all. Dr. True is definitely a comfortable person to be around, and I'm glad I chose him as my restoration Doctor.

So the procedure itself was painless as most of the people on the thread have previously mentioned. There was some slight pain when it came to the anesthetic injections which had to be done a couple of times to numb the donor area. The strip was removed which was also painless, it sounded like he was cutting potato chips which happened to be my tissue haha. Of course the staff (who were so accommodating and polite) gave me two Valiums to calm me down. Dr. True predicted that we would be able to harvest around 2,200 grafts. Unfortunately, due to my less than average donor density, we were only able to obtain 1,704 which was a little disappointing, but its better than nothing. I have diffused thinning throughout my head, with my hairline being thinner than my crown. So Dr. True focused on restoring the hairline, and putting me on Propecia to assist with the rest of my thinning.

Overall, the procedure was painless, the hardest part was laying in one position for hours as Dr. True made the incisions in my scalp and the staff were placing in the hairs. The procedure lasted about 6 hours.

I had no pain leaving the office (mixed with some local anesthesia and ibuprofen helping out), and I reached home fine with no issues. I do feel tightness around the donor area, and there was some pain, but I'm a sensitive guy and think its manageable so it should not be a problem to anyone else if that is a worry for some of you.

Dr. True provided me with a post-op DVD that explains exactly how to take care of myself when I'm home, which was definitely informative and something easy to refer back to time after time. Even after the procedure was done, he answered all my questions thoroughly and even gave me a T&D baseball cap to rock since the one I brought was considered to be too tight!

My advice to those considering a hair transplant, do not worry about the pain. The most pain you will feel are the injections, which are not even that bad, and that's coming from a guy who thinks every little thing hurts haha. The scar so far is barely noticeable and its covered with my existing hair (remember I have a low density donor area and even with that the scar is fairly concealed).

I'll try making a blog and update you guys with my progress. I do believe though I will need a second transplant to obtain the results I want, but I'm hoping that with the current transplant, propecia (if I see no side effects) and soon minoxidil, I can have great results! Let me know, or message me if any of you have questions or comments! Thanks!



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Congratulations Shabs. Everything seemed to go great and you seem very happy thus far. Unlucky regarding the wrong location that you arrived at first, but something to laugh about. Everything looks great. Best of luck. Heal and grow well and keep us all updated!

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