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My Hair Loss



I am really tensed, panicking right now. Because it seems I am losing hair by the day. Now, hair loss would have been no issue for me, if I was in my 40's and had everything else in my life. I am 22 and this hair loss is really bothering me. I had such nice, heavy, thick hairs 5 years. I had great looks. Anyways, now I am looking for my options. I have been on minoxidil for last 2 years. Maybe that is why I am just NW 2 and the condition is not very bad. For last 8 months I am using Laser Therapy from a real famous clinic all around the world (not taking name), but it is not getting improved. In fact I have apparently lesser hair than I used to before the Laser Therapy. Sometimes I feel it was a mistake to go for it. Now it is not that much apparent but my crown have thinner hair and my hairline is receding. The other option is to go for Hair Transplant. I am relying on that dearly now. I went to Dr. A's Hair Transplant clinic (a very renowned name in my country, India). But they told me, that right now I should be on medics and Hair Transplant is not a solution for me. I am not sure of that, because I have seen pictures around the net where people with hair volume similar to mine have gone for HT and have amazing results. If I was to go for HT, a couple of things, she said, really bothered me.

1. That if I get HT, there was no way to find out how my existing hairs react in future. That is, I would go on balding and the hair transplanted in the front would remain as it is. And it will look really weird.

2. That if I get HT on thinning areas then, existing hairs would experience a shock and fall down permanently

If that is the case then should I wait to go completely bald before I go for HT. Which scare me because I am really hoping I remain like this, for the rest of my life?

Somebody please suggest something,

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Without images, it is difficult to analyze your hair loss situation. However, 22 is still a bit young for a hair transplant, and it's likely better to stabilize your hair loss with medications for several years before undergoing any sort of surgical procedure.


At this point in time, it is probably best to review a proven medication regimen (e.g. Minoxidil and finasteride) with a physician, stabilize your hair loss with these medications for a few years, and then reconsider hair transplantation if it is necessary.


I hope this helps!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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