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Pics Post 7 Moths, HT by Dr Radha Rani



Hey Guys,


Please find my HT progress, post 7 months. There has been a definite growth but density is less, but with the amout out hair Dr Radha was able to extract I think the conversion Rate is good.


Earlier I would keep a shaved head look, which I am not keeping now, but the bad thing is now my crown is getting exposed ( I am surly gng for 2nd round of HT to cover the TOP )

What do you guys say.

Medication : Finpecia 1mg, 1 Tablet everyday

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At 7 months, your results are only around 50% matured, so I'd give it some time before analyzing the final results.


Please, keep us updated!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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