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Month Two Progress - July 9th and 25th



Now, I'm not sure if this is just implanted hairs that have not shed and thus fallen out, or what. I'm going to err on the side of caution and say that these were implanted hairs from the donor area that basically did not shed. But I personally felt that starting month two, especially at the end of the month, I was already seeing improvement.


These pictures were the best I could get with the lighting, and you can see that the area on my head is still quite pink. The numbness lasted for quite a while too, I believe towards the beginning of the 3rd month it finally went away as the nerves repaired themselves. But it was a slow and gradual process.

Looking in the mirror, I honestly did not see any shock loss. I was basically put on Propecia so I honestly felt that helped. However, what I felt most of all was that I was actually starting to see progress. Or at the very least, hairs that were staying put from where they were transplanted. As well as hopefully some hairs that were starting to grow.

Now, the first picture is from the 9th of July. This is basically just a little over one month post surgery at this point. The hairs in the photo actually stayed put, and, it appears from the progress of the photos from the 9th to the picture that I took on the 25th of July, that some of these were indeed growing hairs. I'm honestly kind of surprised myself. Had to double check the date of the photos that they were taken in both windows and in Exif on my iphone just to make sure.

Regardless, I'm not going to complain. I haven't really checked or even heavily researched what a person's progress is after surgery. Everything I looked over my year of research before I even decided to get the surgery was basically an answer of "Your mileage may vary". So, I pretty much just threw up my hands and decided to not worry about it.


I do want to state something though, and maybe it might help explain things. I bought a hat for after the surgery and since the surgery I have worn it EVERYWHERE whenver I go outside. Period. If I let the sun touch my head at all, it was only during very brief moments during my 2 hour long morning walks when I took my hat off during a rest to wipe my brow. I read about the damage a sunburn can do, and thus since I walk out in the sun for so long during the summer hours, felt it was just prudent to wear it everywhere.

Working 3rd shift also, I think helps keep me from the exposure of the sun. I really don't see much daylight besides my morning walks after work before bed. Something I push myself to do for the sake of my health. I'm not sure whether the walks, the hat, or what has helped in any of this, but felt regardless it was worth mentioning.





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