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July 5th Scar Updates - Month two



Work has had me insanely busy since the Surgery. Today is the first real day I've had a chance to actually sit down and relax enough to update this. Which is, long, long overdue. After taking multiple pictures every day I decided it was simply best to take a few pictures each month and then select the best one representing the Progress thus far.


Stuart fired me off an email asking to see an update on the scars and if I could send photos. I had enough time to send them off to him and he said they were healing very well, but then work once again caught up and I was unable to post them up here.


My Hair is long and covers them very so I haven't really kept up on Photos of the scar tissue from the surgery. Add to that fact that I had to get a friend to take these photos with iPhone4s (Which, by the way, all of my photos are taken with as it's all I have for a Camera) and well, you can understand the difficulty. Long Hair + taking photos of the back of my head with an iphone = not really feasible.


So, here we are. Three shots of the Scar and how it's healing.

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Looks like everything is healing nicely. Thank you for sharing!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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