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Irish Dr Feller patient



I have just turned 42 and have have about 2,300 grafts on top of my

> head. These were inserted about 19 days ago by Dr Feller. Thats where

> I am today, my hairloss history probably starts about 25 years ago in

> school. I remember guys at school noticing my hair was fine and that

> my scalp was visible when my hair was wet. Its not quite that it

> bothered me greatly, more that I was aware of it, what I did know was that if

> I could keep my hair, I would do what I could to do so. My hair was

> always brushed backwards and stood up so it gave me a little extra

> height, at best I am 5 foot 7 inches tall. Around the age of 30 I

> noticed the hairloss starting. When my first son was born, and there

> were pictures taken of me looking down at the new arrival, a visible line

> accross the top of the skull was appearing. This was not really

> noticable to me most of the time as the hair as the front of the

> hairline was thick enough to hide it. Fast forward a few years, the

> hair is slowly getting thinner, we are lucky enough to have two sons

> now. My wife decides a family of four is nice round number and there will be no more additions. Propecia

> ( I'd think carefully before taking this product, consult your doctor)

> is available, not a threat to my wife or future kids so I start taking

> it and it works...for the time being...there is a slight development

> of moobs which is one of the potential side effects. Around 2010 I

> have not lost much more hair, but it is still fine on the top. In the

> summer I go to a clinic in Dublin where the actor James Nesbitt who

> tell I need 2500 grafts. High definition pictures shock me about how

> much hair I have lost. However the cost would be €25,000 and I

> ultimately decide its not worth it and would put too much pressure on

> our families finances. It was also not that easy or not easy enough to

> find examples of the clinics work. In spring 2011 I did contact Spex

> but did not really pursue looking into a transplant, to be honest I

> was probably confused and did not know what I wanted. My mind was made

> up however as that summer my hairloss suddenly increased, not sure if

> this was related to switching to a generic version of propecia that

> was cheaper and sourced from Spain. It was time to change what I was

> doing or get the buzz cut. There was a gap appearing in the hairline

> above both eyes. I dont like this new look and now it is bothering me.

> I contacted Spex again last sping. He

> advises such products as Rogaine foam 5%, Saw Palmetto and Nizoral

> shampoo. I started using these and recovered some of the hair I had

> lost. Spex sends pictures of me to Dr Feller who suggests about 2300

> grafts. The cost is much more afforadable, about $10,500. Luckily a

> work savings scheme matures and I have funds for the $2,500 deposit

> that are not needed for family matters. Within a couple of weeks of making

> contact with Spex again and after checking out Dr Feller's work, in

> March I book a date with Feller Medical for August 27th and book

> flights that same week.

> I have found Spex an amazing help. At times I was surpised that he was

> so patient and so helpfull in answering all my emails and questions,

> never making you feel like you were asking stupid questions and

> probably responding to questions he had answered thousands of times.

> If I am honest I went with Dr Feller, not so much because of all the

> positive things on the web about his work but because it occured to me

> that Spex, given his growing profile, would only align himself to one of the

> very best surgeons.

> Fast forward to August 27th. I stayed in the Adria Hotel the night

> before and am booked in for tonight, I went for a less expensive hotel

> and treated myself to hiring a Chevy Camaro ( what midlife crisis) hire car .

> The Adria is fine, a little small, the room was clean, had good wifi

> and a lot of movie channels. Breakfast does not start till 7 so I

> missed this as I did not want to be late for Dr Feller. There are however many

> restaurants very close and a Dunkin Donuts and Burger King / Wendys accross the

> road.

> Dr Feller himself exceeded the tales of making you feel at ease and

> being very witty. He made me feel like I had known him for years and

> we chatted for about 15 mins about his hobby of flying. He is a very

> likeable person and just enspires confidence. After 5 mins in his

> company I was sure that I had made a very good choice and was in good

> hands. He told me has been doing this for 15 years and I was really

> surprised by how personable he was.

> I guess the procedure started about 9am. Dr Feller talks you through

> each part. He gave me some meds to relax me and started with shots to

> numb the donor area, the first few shots I could feel a bit, slightly

> more so when he worked on the left, however, as the area became numb I

> would feel less of the shots. He told me some guys dont like the shots

> but said I did pretty good, in general I dont llike needles but knew

> it had to done so didnt mind them too much. After a while I feel

> shivery and cold, the doc tells me why this is but now I forget what

> he said, they give me a blanket. What I didnt mention to him was I

> seemed to find it a little harder to hear.Soon, while I was aware he was

> soon taking a donor strip I couldnt feel anything. The top of my head

> was buzz cut and then shaved. Then there were shots into the

> transplant area. Again I could feel the first few but they were ok.

> What happened next I didnt expect...I started falling asleep. He

> encouraged me to sleep saying 80% of guys do for a while. I'd guess I

> slept for most of the time while he worked on the area to receive the

> grafts as his team prepared them. I woke up when he was finished

> and his team then took over and started implanting the grafts. There

> were two teams of 3 ladies. 1 on either side and 1 at the back keeping

> the transplant area wet. The girls work in silence and seem very

> focussed, I cant feel a thing up top but am aware of where they are

> working.During the procedure Dr Feller shows what is happening to

> someone who I assume is having a consultation, I dont see his face. I

> did however get to meet a nice English guy who had 2 transplants

> already, he tells he had lost all his hair on top, what he has now

> looks really good.I did regret not getting a coffee before we started

> as I feel

> I need one and my neck is kinda killing me...this happens to me when I

> change cars e.g. getting a hire car on hols, and I should have remembered this.

> Its all finished about 2-3pm. They gave me lunch ( you order this

> around noon from a deli menu ) and a coffee which I was really glad

> to get. One of Dr Feller's ladies explains to me what to do for the

> next few days, washing the donor area as normal but only using a cup

> on the new hairs for 2-3 days, very important to keep clean but dont

> touch at all. Then Dr Feller tells me is very happy with how things

> went, shows me pics of my new hair and answers any questions I have.

> While I feel good for some reason I'm a little out of it. I could

> drive back to New Jersey in the mid life crisis mobile where I am staying with relatives but am glad

> I am just going back to the hotel in a taxi with a larger baseball cap that

> the doc gave me. I brought one but its not large enough. The head

> feels numb but not sore at all. To be extra cautious I sleep in a

> chair that night. If you remember I said the Adria is small, not

> fancy, but now I am glad of its good wifi and close proximity to food

> outlets and Dunkin Donuts which I walked over to, I guess I'm back in

> the hotel about 4.30. I didnt sleep really well but it was ok, could

> be the chair, the doc gave me painkillers in case I need them but I

> only take one the next day. There is no pain, more an awareness of the

> 65 staples in the donor area. The second night I wake up as I feel the

> top of my head touch a pillow, it felt like there are very strong

> stalks in my head, luckily no grafts are lost. Over 3 days, this is

> the only time the grafts touch anything. The HT was done a Monday, I

> get home to Ireland Saturday. While you probably need 3 weeks off work if you

> dont want people to know you had a HT, I only took a week as I didnt

> want to impact our family summer hols. Before I go back to work to

> work I get my remaining hair cut down more, I

> have prepositioned a hairdresser who has had guys with HT's before and

> we have a plan for the next few months, the hair on the sides growing

> much quicker so we need to keep these trim. Tuesday I go back to work, my boss is very supportive.

> Up to now I had only told my wife and him about the HT. He has no

> problem with me wearing a baseball cap but points out it might look

> odd with a suit and tie. As it happens we are too busy at work for me

> to worry about what people think so as I think I need to I explain to

> people that I had a HT. I feel I need to do this due to the visible

> line at the donor area, the top of the head now just looks like a buzz cut.

. My wife took out the staples after 12 days,

> these were a bit itchy. The redness and flakyness in the new area went

> in the second week. The grafts are still all there today but growing

> really slowly, if at all. If the new hairs are to fall away as happens

> in 80-90% of cases, that should start this week. Hopefully the visible

> donor line will blend in soon, I am concious about that line and have bought nanogen fibres in case I have a meeting to attend. My wife and I did a test and these do conceal the gap nicely, I am however giving it 3 weeks before I use these fully as I want the donor area to remain clean and heal properly. There are 1 or 2 itchy spots where the staples were and if my head touches the car headrest the donor area is noticeably numb. All par for the course from what I read on the web. So far so good. I will post time and again with pics so you can see how it grows. It may take a while for it to grow but again that's to be expected. I guess you need to patient....my boys don't really like the buzz cut look... I'm stuck with it for a while though!

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Thank you for sharing this information. What's more, the results look great!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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