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15 Days Post Op



Just hit the 15 day post op mark and I am more or less back to my normal routine. Stitches were removed 5 days ago (not as painful as people predicted) and the donor area feels fine. Both the nurses removing the stitches and my barber commented on how impressive the incision area was. With the exception of some continued numbness in my recipient area, my head feels pretty normal again. There really weren't any significant complicaitons during my recovery time. Except for fighting boredome and surviving my self-imposed solitary confinement, the 2 weeks were relatively painless.

I had my first post-transplant haircut today. Just a basic trim. As you can see in the pics, the sides are still fairly longer as my barber didn't want to but a blade to potentially disrupt any healing at this point to my donor area. At this point, I don't think anyone can tell that there's been anything done. Although some stubble remains in my recipient area, my existing hair covers any work.

In terms of hair treatment, I am back to normal showers (thought I am still pretty gentle on my recipient area when it comes to shampooing). I use Toppik on occasion and just put a very light amount of gel in this morning. Something my barber noted for all those who plan on hiding under hats for the weeks/months immediately following the procedure, be sure to wash hats with soap and hot water unless who want sweat to lead to bacteria and possible infections. Otherwise, I'm really not doing much to disrupt any growth, although I have been assured at this point that the plugs are fully secured.

As you can see in the pics, no notable shock loss at this point. Lets keep our collective fingers crossed that this doesn't change. I have my followup with Dr True in 12 days. Hopefully, he'll have nothing but positive things to say about the growth.

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Looks like everything is coming along nicely! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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