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My Hairtransplant with Dr Tejinder Bhatti



Hi Guys,

I have recently undergone a hair transplant with Dr Tejinder Bhatti. The hair transplant started at 6 am and finished 5 pm. I m currently happy with the service I was give. I got 2500 grafts on my frontal third. Fingers crossed hopefully the results will be amazing. This is how my first day went:

Procedure day has come.

06:00 am Woke up in the morning. My heart was pounding.

Had a good shower [as for next 12 days, Shower would be restricted]

Took a glass of milk with 2tsf of sugar [as advised]

Draped a front open shirt without vest and was out to reach the clinic at 7:45am.

Clinic was just 10 mts from the place where i was arranged to stay.

08:00 am Blood samples collected.

08:30 am Surgeon came. Had a pre-op look of my scalp.

Marked the area that was going to be my new hairline.

Consulted with my wife, weather it seemed OK

08:45 am All my hairs were shaved by the surgeon himself.

Scalp was scrubbed and prepared for the tiresome day long procedure.

09:00 am I was on the OT Table. Surgeon anaesthesized my scalp and IT started.

He started with making slits for the implantation.

After Slits were made about 1500 grafts were harvested.

11:00 am Breakfast break

11:20 am Implantation of 1500 grafts started. Lasted till about 1:30 pm.

01:30 pm Lunch Break

02:00 pm Harvest of another 1000 grafts started followed by implantation of the grafts.

My frontal bald was already covered with 2500 grafts by 5pm.

All through the operative procedure, the surgeon and staffs were chatting with me and trying to make me comfortable as much possible. At the start i was bit anxious but gradually, i got comfortable. There was no pain at all except for the part where Surgeon anesthesized my scalp. That too was like pin pricks.


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Thank You very much FutureHTDoc. Hopefully in the coming months you might be give input on how my hair transplant looks like. :)

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