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Post op 12th day update



Hi friends,

Today I reached my 12th post op day milestone..! And I have listed below of all the happenings so far...

1. Starting with the donor area, I have removed the sutures on the fifth day. I guess its started to heal well now and the pain is almost nil.

2. Regarding the recipient area.. well there wasnt any noticable bleeding from the site during any of the post op days.. so im hoping there are no graft loss. And the transplanted hairs seems to be growing now ! But in different rate in different areas of the recipient site.. And whitish scabs have started to form here and there.. And many of them have started to fall off (I have attached the pics ). I hope these are all normally expected at this point..

3. And the rest of the hair, I think there is some thinning, especially over the crown area.. May be because of the shock loss.. I have started the medications

4. Finally about the medications, I have started using finesteride from the 3rd post op day, and minoxidil i started on the 10th post op day.. Im using it even on the transplanted areas. I hope its not contraindicated or anything. (Im using the 5% solution with alcohol in it ).. and also Im taking some multi vits n minerals...

Soo friends, pls do go through my photos n give your valuable opinions n suggestions...




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Hope you remember me.....


I am Really Looking forward to see how it Comes out....


Did she mention the Recipient Density....


I have done a Small Hairline Job of About 700 Grafts FUE from Cochin... I am sure Heading towards NW 2 Anterior...


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