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recent HT and have 2 questions. very concerned



I had my HT at True and Dorin 3 wks ago. I was very impressed by their professionalism and the procedure went well.

I have 2 questions post op. Please view the photos in my profile and comment

1. It looked like the FU's were popping out o f my scalp after the first hairwash. I used the cup pouring method and did not rub the scalp at all. I was alarmed and contacted the DR. The told me it sounded normal and not to be concerned. I emailed them the photos but did not receive a response. what do you think?

2. It is now 3wks after the procedure and I am concerned about my Strip Scar. Does it look like its healing normally or is it strecthing?

Thanks everyone :)

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Hi Mogaine,


1. To me, it does not look like you've dislodged any grafts. Not only does the hair washing sound very gentle and safe, but when grafts dislodge, it's customary to see blood.


2. The scar looks great; I see normal healing with no stretching or other abnormalities.


Seems like all is moving along nicely! Congratulations.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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