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HT from Dr Radha Palakurthi , of about 2900 grafts



Hi friends,

I have recently undergone hair transplantation from Dr Radha Palakurthi of Vizag. My pre and post op pictures , i have attached along with this blog. Your expert comments and suggestions are greatly welcomed.

As for my experiance with my surgeon, she is a wonderful trichologist, an expert surgeon, well read n well informed. More over she is very amiable to deal with.. She is very patient is more than ready to clear your each and every doubt. And she has got a really hardworking and dedicated team working for her. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to her and her team. If anyone of you are looking for a nice HT clinic , I strongly recommend her..!!

Regarding my transplant, I had about 2900 grafts done , by FUT method.. Todays the second post op day. Theres absolutely no pain. Mild itching is there. Im refrainin from scratchin or rubbing the recipient area. As I have been well informed by my doc, there is considerable edema, which she assured me will come down by 3 or 4 days. The rest u guyz see for yourself from my pics n pls give me your valuable comments.


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Hi Sachsmartie,


I also want to get my Hair Transplant done. could you please let me know how much you spend on 2900 Grafts. Because on their website pricing not available. An urgent response is really appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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they cost about 50 per follicles.. and everythn is included in it... except fr a few preop tests, which amounts to another 500 bucks... but its totally worth it...!!

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I would like to go for FUE. I am at IV Vertex. I don't want to go for FUT. But most of the doctors charge for Grafts not follicles because one graft contains 2-3 follicles. could you please tell me the overall amount you spend for Transplantation.

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Hi Sachsmartie,


Thanks for your information...


There is one more question which I would like to ask you, do I need to take medicines after Hair Transplant Procedure (Anti Bio Medicines I know a patient need those) like Finastride and Minoxidal Solution.


If yes then what is the use of Hair Transplant becuase with finastride you can also control the Hair structure.


I did RnD on FUT, FUE a little bit on Stem Cell. Previously, I wanted to go for FUE but after reading blogs on Stem Cell. My curiosity towards stem cell started increasing day by day. So please guide me Should I go for Stem Cell and who is the good doctor for Stem Cell. If not Stem Cell then please guide me the good reputed surgeons for FUE in India.



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