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Dr. Feller to the rescue



I received a very successful FUE hair transplant with Dr. Feller last year and I have another one scheduled with him this month. I would recommend reading this post because I used another doctor Prior to DR. Feller and had poor results. I wish I went directly to Dr. Feller from the start.

I attempted my first FUE hair transplant at the very end of 2009. I did a lot of research and determined that FUE was the best route to go because I wished to keep my hair short. I decided to go with a Doctor that seamed to have a good reputation on the online forums and a lot of photos of successful hair transplants (although most of the photos were of strip). I did a mega 2 day procedure aprox 2000 graphs.

Unfortunately, the procedure did not work out well. The first red flag of the procedure was that the Doctor did not perform the extractions (he relied on his techs). They seemed to be struggling and I was disappointed because the Doctor never disclosed that he wouldn't be perfuming the extractions until the day of the surgery. 18 months later only 10-20% of the transplants grew.

In 2011 I decided to give the FUE ht a second attempt. At this point I tried a different doctor who had a good reputation. The doctors name is Dr. Feller. We scheduled a 600 graph FUE session. The session was quick and was perfumed by Dr. Feller with the assistance of his techs. I noticed a keen difference in how smoothly Dr. Feller took out the extractions. He also seemed to be using a much more refined technique. Its one year later and I got amazing growth. I plan on doing a second procedure with Dr Feller for 1000 graphs this month.

From this experience I learned that many Doctors can perform FUE and have some phenomenal results. However very few Doctors can have consistent results like Dr. Feller.

I am not a doctor or a medical professional and my opinions are my own


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