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wigs or hair systems!




Would any of you know how to spot someone wearing a modern wig? They are supposed to be so good now that apparently it is very difficult to tell the difference. I know this 44 year old guy at work and I often wonder if he is wearing a very good system because his hair at the fringe always seems to be the same length. It is quite a floppy fringe of coarse hair and neatly shorn in round the sides, but although I might only see him once every 2 weeks i never notice a difference in length. Also, the thing that aroused my curiousity was when on at least one occasion, before I even wondered if he wore a wig, I happened to joke about my receding hair line and he changed the subject quite quickly rather than comment on it. I would never wear one anyway as I would rather shave the head totally and 'come out' as a baldie. I could be wrong and maybe he is just very lucky and he does not have a hint of grey.His hairline seems to be almost too boyish for his age. Any thoughts?

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Difficult to tell without seeing this individual in person. However, I think the point behind modern hair restoration (be it medical, surgical, or "systems") is making the process undetectable. So, I suppose if it is a piece, it's working well.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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