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Strip session with Dr Feller - 2,800 grafts




I began to lose hair when I was 23 years old and first started thinking about hair transplants more than 10 years ago, but was always put off having seen people who had grafts done that looked like dolls hair. I rememeber interviewing someone for a job once who had it done and I couldn't take my eyes of his head - he didn't get the job. I few years later I explored strip surgey and was was again put off, this time about the scar that is left at the back of the head in using this method. In about 2005 I found out about FUE and went and saw a doctor who was apparently a pioneer of the process, but was not convinced I should trust my head to a guy who operated out off a dodgy house in a back street. In 2010 I decided to give the same guy the benefit of the doubt and went and saw him at his new premises. I actually booked in for the surgery, but bailed out at the last minute, more about confidence in the surgeon himself, rather than the procedure. I was due to travel to Europe and the USA in early 2012, so began to research a doctor who could perform FUE while I was travelling.

Introduction to Dr Feller

After a lot of reasearch on forums such as this one as well as viewing countless testimonials and photo evidence, I narrowed my preference to a couple of doctors, one being Alan Feller. I was going to be in New York in early 2012, so I could make an easy adjustment to my travel plan. I sent an enquiry email to Dr Feller and this initiated my email relationship with Spex. I have to say that Spex is simply awesome in giving balanced and direct advice. I asked him dozens of questions and he always replied quickly with planty of reasoning behind his answers. He ultimately convinced me that strip surgey was best for me, given the yield quantity from this method. I still remained intimidated by the residual scarring from strip and this concern has not left me until 6 months post-op! The best thing I did was order Spex's ebook "Maximum Hair, Minimum Loss' as this answerred everything for me in a very honest and balanced way. In the end I booked the surgey, as I didn't want to return home regretting missing the opportunity.

The Surgery

I arrived in Great Neck the afternoon before my surgery and made sure I checked out where I had to go and also that the buildng looked okay! The Dr had already told me that his office would be closed by the time I got there. I arrived the next morning very nervous at 7.30am and one of the assistants arrived soon after and let me in. She made me feel very relaxed as did Dr Feller when he arrived. By the time he had taken some photos, a hairline had been agreed and I was in the chair, I was feeling a lot more comfortable and confident. I found the head numbing process not painful, but just a little uncomfortable for a few seconds. The strip was removed from the donar area painlessly and the Doc checked on me all the way through this process. Dr Feller said he wouldn't be able to talk much while he made the incisions in the transplant area, so I actually fell asleep for a while while during this bit. The assistants then transplanted the donar grafts and the whole process was finsihed by about 2.30pm. I had a sandwich, a de-brief and some more photos with the Doc and was on my way in a cab to the local hotel. Had a great evening meal in Great Neck and then slept like a baby that night.

Post Op

I spent the next week sight-seeing in NYC and had no pain and very little swelling and then flew home. I had the staples out a few days after returning home and went back to work a week later. I am fortunate that I can get away with wearing a cap at work. The redness took a few weeks to die down, but overall there were no concerns and no-one except my direct family know I have had transplant surgery. 6 month post-op, you have to look hard to find the donar scar and it's a different feeling to feel the wind in hair that wasn't there before! I cannot recommend Dr Feller, his team at Great Neck and Spex enough - they were all awesome in getting me over the line. I wish I had done this years ago.

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Great presentation! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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