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The illusion of fullness.



"I just realized something incredibly surreal. It seems that most of us are concerned with a multitude of grafts placed on our scalp during surgery. We are commonly led to believe that a perfect head of hair contains about 90 grafts per cm2 particularly in the donor area. Some have less some may have more. Before I had my surgery with Dr Parsa I also visited Bosley and the new hair institute, and grilled them with questions; there I was told that no one surgeon would guarante the density we had as young adults before we started to thin, but if your count of grafts in any given area, say the crown, is less than 45 grafts per cm2 then we are actively thinning. A miniaturization study would determine the density of our scalp and the general consensus would be for a perfect transplant to consist from 25-40 grafts per cm2 to be considered successful. Other factors come into play such as hair shaft density, color, straightness or curlyness and the strategic positioning of those grafts to give the illussion of coverage. In my case I had the following miniaturization study: Corners: 40%, Top: 30%, Hairline: 20%, Crown: 60%, Donor area 10%. Ok, so I thought that I would need 25-40 grafts all around those areas to completely cover up my spot. When I inquired Dr Parsa as to how many grafts he transplanted into these areas, he told me basically that he had given me an additional density of 25%-40% on the areas that needed it most actually. I was stunned because he didn't give me a traditional figure like 40 grafts per cm2 but rather he spoke in terms of percentages. That made me think and I realized that If my crown had 60% miniturization I had a mixture of about 40% healthy grafts and future miniaturized ones left over. So, by him adding a minimal 25% density on the crown, I would have something like 65% coverage total. Far more than the 45% threshold. He confirmed this is true and i'm very content. Furthermore if one stays on finasteride or like products which I'm sure I am, then I am in heaven, really....."

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