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Just Got a Hair Restoration Procedure and freaking out about grafts coming out 1 week after surgery.



I got a Hair Resoration Procedure done 2 weeks ago, 2,000 Grafts. Exactly 1 week after the procedure I started gently rubbing the graft area. Their were alot of scabs in the area and I was told to start gently loosening them up it in the shower. I didn't do that in the shower. I just did the cup method. For whatever bonehead reason I wasn't thinking, and I started gently rubbing the grafts, (not in the shower), and quite a bit of scabs came off. I noticed some of the scabs that came off had a little follicle at the end of the hair. A couple of the scabs had 3 hair attached. It didnt look like their was a piece of skin or anything like that. (Also, this entire time I wasn't picking my scabs with my fingernails, I was gently rubbing over them with the pads of my fingers going with the grain of my hair, some would loosen relatively easy and come off) . Their wasn't any bleeding at all. However, I'm freaking out over here though, thinking that I rubbed away my grafts. Can grafts be rubbed out without bleeding 1 week after the procedure? The more I read on this the more I freak out? Can someone help clarify Please?


Thank you


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Hi Nick, I rubbed my head too shortly after and some hairs came off with the scab, I remember thinking holy crap that's €10 right there! I'm far from an expert on this subject but would love to hear more on it.


All I can say is first couple of weeks I was freaking out about them (transplants) I was actually afraid to sneeze incase they all shot out! But I think that it is normal to be worried, it was a big decision and a lot of money so you would be worried anyway. I think best thing you can do is relax as I've been told stress doesn't help. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be able to answer your question better.


Good luck.

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