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Fue belgium Or London



Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a hair transplant currently in the uk,Harley street hair clinic,I did research before going for a consultation and there results on the wbsite seemed the best in the uk,also Rooney had his one there and even if he didn't research much I'm sure he had people in the kno doing it on his behalf and his was at the time lookin very good!however at the 12month Mark didn't seem to be as impressive as first was as stopped using toppik( I didn't even know about this until joining this website) However since joining here and seeing the depth of knowledge it would be foolish of me to proceed without some advice from particulary senior members here.I'm now torn between proceeding with Harley street or looking to go into Brussels with either dr bisanga or feriduni.? I only want fue and was wondering what people's opinions on here are. I have read several blogs saying not to use the uk under any circumstances,which has really confused me as the results they display seem to match most fue results displayed by some recommended doctors on this site! Also why is dr bisanga not recommended on here? And for a fue hairline and frontal thickening which surgeon in Belgium seems to get the most consistent natural results! All feedback would be very gratefully received,especially like to Hear from anyone who has used Harley steet or bisanga/feriduni. Thanks in advance guys!


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I highly recommend Dr. Feriduni. Frankly, I think his FUE work is second to none and I would schedule a consultation. Additionally, while I'm not overly familiar with Harley Street Clinic's work, I don't think I'd select a clinic based strictly upon "celebrity endorsement." Regardless, make sure you do as much research as possible (including consulting with multiple clinics) and proceed confidently. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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Whats your opinion on bisanga Blake? Most seem to away towards him for fue and feriduni for fir? Have u met anyone in person done by either of them? Canceled with Harley street and was trying to arrange a consult with the two above,can see bisanga for consult pretty soon but 5 month wait for surgery,but can't even have consult with fetiduni for 5 months at that time I'm sure there would be an additional wait of 4 to 5 months for surgery for both doctors?

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Hi HairShoping, I know you mentioned you are looking at only FUE but I thought it wouldn't hurt to share my experience with strip . As you saw from my page, at the 4 month mark my hair is really coming along well. I haven't put any photos of the back yet but thought I would just describe what's going on back there. Initially I was quite concerned about having a large portion of my scalp literally cut off, and having a big ugly scar! :-$ I was only looking at FUE for a while but found that strip had a number of benefits that I thought outweighs the negatives. After having the surgery and 4 months later I can't recommend strip enough! It is really hard to find the scar and when I manage to part my hair it in the right area you really have to concentrate to see it! It's like having a tattoo on the bottom of your foot! who cares? you will never ever see it! lol I spent just over $5000 (for 2836 graphs!) in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Dr Pong. It was the best medical experience I have ever had and each day I'm grateful for choosing him. Great surgeon, great guy, cheap and my results speak for themselves. :-) Good Luck and all the best!

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