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Happy Result



Hello people,

I had hair loss problem more than 5 years. I searced a lot to get hair transplant and found Dr. Hakan DOGANAY. 3 weeks ago I got hair transplant and the result is great. For this operation, Choi Hair Transplanter/ Implanter Pen technic was used. Please check my pictures.

Now, I am a representative of Dr, DOGANAY. You will see more new pictures and can follow the process in the following weeks.

Please feel free to contact me for any question.


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Dear Friend...


i am really happy to see your result. i am hari, 26 M from India.


I am also suffering from severe hair loss in crown region. So planning to do HT as soon as possible.


Haw was your experience..???


Please share your HT experience.......


All the very best for your regrowth..




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