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Making the Decision to Undergo A Hair Transplant



Choosing a hair transplant as your hair restoration preference is an important and life changing decision. What are the things you need to know? Who can you talk to about it? It’s a decision that most people feel very private about and carries for many a certain level of social stigma. But the truth of the matter is you want hair. You don’t like being bald; the thought of taking your hair on and off like a shirt is probably not your idea of a fashion statement.

Hair transplant surgery is one of the fastest growing procedures in medical cosmetic surgery. Our personal self confidence and image is an important part of who we are. It’s not about vanity at all. People want to feel better about who they are inwardly and outwardly. If you’re reading this you are considering hair transplant surgery like many others as a viable option for your hair restoration.

Parsa Mohebi, MD a research fellow and surgeon notes that; “If you are considering having a hair transplant procedure or have recently had a procedure performed, your surgeon most likely stated some precautions that you should take so that the process is successful. You are going to experience a normal amount of “shock loss” wherein the transplanted hair will fall out once the restoration procedure has been performed. This is a normal part of the hair restoration process when surgery is done to correct any balding or thinning condition, so there is no cause for alarm.”

A properly performed hair transplant produces natural, proven and permanent lifelong results. Often the best hair stylists cannot detect that you have had one. There are online forums where a person can learn from other patients experience and also find listings on prescreened hair transplant surgeons and hair restoration specialist.

As the medical director of Mohebi Medical - US Hair Restoration Centers, Dr. Mohebi has published numerous articles on his research, studies and results for he and his colleagues’ patients. He encourages hair transplant candidates to do the following:

  • Learn about the latest medical hair transplant procedures FUT and FUE. Top physicians web portals often have great libraries available free online to bring yourself up to speed.
  • Find a reputable Medical Hair Transplant Surgeon to consult with. Hair Transplant Networks has done a marvelous job as an independent organization recommending the best surgeons in the world on this website.
  • This is a medical procedure so the physician’s medical skill is paramount, as well as, his or her sense of artistry to give you a natural looking hairline and results that will indeed improve yourself image.


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Hi Blake,


Thanks for reviewing the post. Dr. Mohebi keeps us inspired with his commitment to changing folks lives for the better through HT. It is an honor to contribute any helpful information. All the Best Michael

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