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I love my Hair, and its gone :(



Hello HRN,

I am very glad that i am part of this network now, you are really doing a great job by helping people like me find a solution that can change their self esteem for life.


Small story about my hair loss, from my teenage it self the density of my hair was very less and i use have a V shaped front hair line and had a big fore head. And my hair is damn soft and i always liked it and loved it. As the age came by i was going bald and at one point i myself felt it and thought of taking an action and went to a dermotologist, at that time he did not want me to go for any kind of transplantation and he just prescribed me the normal hair loss meds (Mintop 10%, cipla finpecia, tricomax - AG(Multi vitamin tab with saw palmetto)) He prescribed me these for 6 months. Until then i did not know the side effects of these, after three months of usage, one day i was discussing about these with my uncle and at a sudden he was shouting at me "Why the hell you are taking this Propecia" he explained me its side effects and i was like "WTF". So i stopped taking propecia and continued with the multi vit tab and mintop 10%. And i did not see any difference, instead my case got worst with lot of itchy feeling and dandruff, so stopped the treatment course. From then one unhappy thing that stuck in my mind is my hair loss, Now i am 27,now almost my front hair line is gone, going bald and my crown area is visible with very very less dense hair. Before two years it-self i heard about the new advancements hair transplants and stuff but i was not in to it. But now i dont have any other go. HT is my only solution. So i was doing lot of research for the past few days and found this forum very useful. Since i am in India i need to stick with Indian HT surgeons and i can't afford foreign HT surgeons, even though if i know they are the best and will have flawless results. Since currently i am in Hyderabad, we have 3 HT surgeons 1)Dr.Puli Ravindra Reddy, 2)Dr.Ashok, 3)Dr.Madhu. After going throughthe stories in this forum and from patient experiences i did not find them so convincing for the HT. After doing some research on the forum i found another Dr. from Vishakapatnam Dr.Radha, i see her work is so good and even the scar(which makes me worry) line so invisible, the hair line that she designs is so natural (By photos what i saw) and the density looks good.

Now i just want this forum to help me in choosing the right doctor, so i can get my HT done. Your help is needed in this matter. Thank you,

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I highly recommend either Dr. Madhu or Dr. Radha. Both excellent surgeons.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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