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INTERLINK : New technique for hair loss non- surgical



(Note by Administrator: Promotional Photos have been removed. Blogs/Albums are for sharing your own personal photos/experience. If you want to discuss this technique without promoting it with other members of our community, visit our hair loss forum)

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In my experience as a Hairdresser (12 years of experience), I am so happy that I came across to such wonderful technique. Now, I could offer this service to my clients with immediate results. I also try to combine laser therapy and Interlink together it actually works wonders, Laser therapy promotes hair growth and stronger hair with the blood circulation through the laser therapy. I find that, to see results with the hair laser therapy takes about 3 months. 3 visits a week of 15 minutes each session.

Why do I like Interlink? Interlink is a unique technique using your own strand of hair as an anchor to attach 4 new strands of hair without the use of any hair adhesives or chemicals that could be bad for your scalp or could add stress to your hair, causing more hair to fallout. I also learned that Interlink does not use real hair, but syngeneic hair. Syngeneic hair means is a higher quality of synthetic hair. Syngeneic hair you could add heat to it and treated like your own regular hair. The reason Interlink uses this type of hair is because it actually weights less than your own individual natural strand of hair, this way it doesn’t add any stress to your hair at all.

In my experience with clients that combined Interlink and the Laser Therapy together were able to grow their own hair, while without it, they weren't.

This technique started in movie sets, only actors were doing this for movie purposes.

I am currently working with a Dermatologists, offering these services to their patients. I decided to write this blog because not a lot of people know about this non-surgical technique and opt to have hair transplants instead. I think hair transplants are great but a lot of people are not the right candidates for this. For example, people who are diabetics or people who won’t get the fullness desired. In fact, a lot of my clients went through a Hair Transplant Procedure and they weren’t happy about it because they just didn't get that fullness that they desired. With Interlink I was able to get them close to that fullness that they were looking for.

(Note by Administrator: On our forum, you said this procedure changed your life. Does that mean you had a personal experience with this product? If so, why have you said nothing about it here? Please clarify.)


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